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When you subscribe to Proxyclick you get it all.

Great client support: a top priority for us

We never take our clients trust for granted. We know trust is hard earned through great products AND great support. We give you both.

We answer client requests by phone or by email. You can call us between 9 am and 5 pm CET. If you send us an e-mail, we'll reply within one business day.

We'll be a true partner at every step of our collaboration.

First steps - We'll guide you through your first steps as an administrator of Proxyclick. We'll show you over the phone the main features of the tool and explain how to invite colleagues to join the platform. You'll also find plenty of useful material on your on line account.

Day-to-day - Every day we help administrators and employees with their day-to-day requests. We consider this as an essential part of our job.

State-of-the art web applications

Several times a year Proxyclick releases a new version of its application. All users have automatic access to the latest version. You don't need to ask for it - you just get it. Proxyclick warns users in advance and gives extra information to Proxyclick coordinators within companies.

Users' suggestions are what help us grow. They are our oxygen. If you have ideas or suggestions about products we have or don't yet have please tell us. We're listening.

System requirements

All you need is a connection to the Internet and a browser. Our solutions have been optimized for Internet Explorer (7+) and Firefox. They are also supported on Safari and Chrome.

Hosting & Availability

Monthly fees also include hosting of our applications. Companies do not need any infrastructure to host our solutions. We have contracted with external hosting providers to guarantee round the clock availability of our applications.

More on security

Suppliers network

All parties involved in the selected process access the same information. These parties can be; (1) on the company payroll (2) outsourced but working full time on the premises (e.g. reception team) or (3) external suppliers (e.g. maintenance companies). We can incorporate or on-board suppliers upon request from a company. Suppliers receive access to Proxyclick where they can view all their incoming activity from one or many of their customers.

It might well be that suppliers located in your area are already part of the Proxyclick network. If this is the case there will be no need to add them to the system. They will be immediately able to action your orders. If they are not already on the network we can give them access to your orders so you can have a standard communication process to your suppliers.


If you want more we can give it to you.

Project Management

If you're thinking of a wider project we can help you implement Proxyclick at your company. A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your company and will coordinate suppliers on-boarding, trainings, accounts set-ups, etc.

IT Integration

Does the information collected via Proxyclick need to be transferred to your ERP? Is one of your suppliers asking to receive Service Desk data directly into his own IT system to avoid double entry? No problem. We would be glad to discuss this or any other data exchange with you.


The application already offers a degree of customisation, i.e. custom fields can be added in some of the processes. Additionally we can include your company logo on all pages. Depending on the modules you select there might also be customisation options such as a company-branded design for the Visitor Management touchscreen.

Multiple locations

Proxyclick can be used in several locations if your business is spread over different locations. If some of your employees work in several locations it's not a problem. If you give them the right to do so they will be able to navigate from one Proxyclick account to an other using the same login and password.