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Plans and pricing

Get your 30-day free trial. No credit card required. Instant setup.


Replace the logbook.
No printing

per month and per site
billed annually

100 visits/month


Ideal for companies with around 10 visits a day

per month and per site
billed annually

250 visits/month


Everything you need for a busy reception

per month and per site
billed annually

500 visits/month


With 2000+ visits and 3rd party integration

per month and per site
billed annually

2000 visits/month

Need something specific? We can provide you with a custom plan if you manage multiple sites, multiple properties or have a special request. Let us know.

How does free trial work?

The best way for you to decide whether Visitor Management meets your needs is to try it. You get 30 days to try it for free. You can then decide to stop, or pick the plan that suits you the best.

What if I go above my plan?

If you have more visitors than including in your plan, you’ll be invoiced for extra visitors at the end of the billing cycle as follows:

Small Medium Large Enterprise
€35 for 20 extra visitors €40 for 50 extra visitors €80 for 100 extra visitors €120 for 200 extra visitors

Are there any hidden costs?

Everything is included in the monthly fee (when we say everything, we mean it). Your one monthly payment includes regular upgrades (several per year), customer service, maintenance and hosting. Standard plans do include phone support but only email support.

What is a visit?

A visit is every single visit created in Visitor Management. For instance, if a regular visitor checks in 10 times this month at your company, that counts as 10 visits.

Is there a contract?

No need to worry about being locked into a contract. You pay as you go. If you where to decide to terminate our service, you can do so whenever you want and only pay for the last running month.

How can I pay?

There are different ways for you to pay, depending on the type and length of plan you choose.

Small Medium Large Enterprise
Monthly Only by Credit Card
Annually Only by Credit Card Credit Card or Wire
2 years Only by Credit Card Credit Card or Wire

Intra-EU customers pay VAT, Non-EU customers are not charged VAT.

Currency rules

US, Canada and Mexico based companies pay in $, UK-based companies pay in £, and all others pay in €.

Have a question or want to discuss a custom plan?

Please leave us your contact details. We'll contact you within 1 business day.