Our story

We’re on a mission to address security and safety in light of
visitor privacy at the entrance of business sites around the world.


Millions of visitors and contractors enter corporate premises every day around the globe, exposing organizations to potential threats to their people, production lines, and intellectual property.

Our solution helps organizations mitigate these risks. And we don't take this lightly.

That's why we're on a mission to help address company security, health, and safety in light of visitor privacy at the entrance of offices and production sites around the world.

Physical security, but not at the expense of data privacy

We believe that access should always be open to visitors who meet company requirements, and allow security teams to focus on those who don’t comply. 

With close to 40 million visitors in 7,000 locations around the world, we help organizations achieve operational efficiency and physical security without compromising on visitor privacy.

Growth, but not at the expense of company culture

As a company, we've gone through tremendous growth. This includes all the quick wins and celebrations, but also the normal growing pains of a team poised to create hundreds of millions of positive connections around the world.

Our company values have helped us help each other through each milestone together, and to help our customers reach their visitor management goals.

  1. One team

    We respect each other’s differences and take each other into account as we collaborate towards a common goal.

  2. Move fast, be real

    We are pragmatic and work with urgency while holding ourselves accountable through both wins and losses.

  3. Aim high

    We’re driven, focused, and dare to believe that company excellence and personal growth go hand in hand.

  4. People first

    We listen and learn in order to build authentic relationships and innovate for our customers.

  5. Trust all-around

    We fuel empowerment through our integrity, commitment, and honesty from everyone at every level.

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