Our story

We’re on a mission to address security and safety in light of
visitor privacy at the entrance of business sites around the world.


Millions of visitors and contractors enter corporate premises every day around the globe, exposing organizations to potential threats to their people, production lines, and intellectual property.

Our solution helps organizations mitigate these risks. And we don't take this lightly.

That's why we're on a mission to help address company security, health, and safety in light of visitor privacy at the entrance of offices and production sites around the world.

Physical security, but not at the expense of data privacy

We believe that access should always be open to visitors who meet company requirements, and allow security teams to focus on those who don’t comply. 

With close to 40 million visitors in 7,000 locations around the world, we help organizations achieve operational efficiency and physical security without compromising on visitor privacy.

Growth, but not at the expense of company culture

As a company, we've gone through tremendous growth. This includes all the quick wins and celebrations, but also the normal growing pains of a team poised to create hundreds of millions of positive connections around the world.

Our company values have helped us help each other through each milestone together, and to help our customers reach their visitor management goals.

  1. One team

    We respect each other’s differences and take each other into account as we collaborate towards a common goal.

  2. Move fast, be real

    We are pragmatic and work with urgency while holding ourselves accountable through both wins and losses.

  3. Aim high

    We’re driven, focused, and dare to believe that company excellence and personal growth go hand in hand.

  4. People first

    We listen and learn in order to build authentic relationships and innovate for our customers.

  5. Trust all-around

    We fuel empowerment through our integrity, commitment, and honesty from everyone at every level.

Proxyclick in numbers

30+ million

visits registered via Proxyclick


Fortune 500 companies on Proxyclick


countries represented by our customers

An experienced team of dedicated and passionate members

Proxyclick's team is committed to deliver top notch service along with an outstanding product. Based in one of our two offices or working remotely from different countries, our growing team puts customers at the center.

Adeline Henry de Frahan

Enterprise Account Executive
Picture of Adeline Henry de Frahan

Alfonso Alonso

Customer Success Manager
Picture of  Alfonso Alonso

Ang McManamon

VP Sales
Picture of Ang McManamon

Ann Mayo-Smith

Marketing Development Representative
Picture of Ann Mayo-Smith

Anthony Janssens

Senior Mobile Developer
Picture of Anthony Janssens

Cedric Lenoir

Product Designer
Picture of Cedric Lenoir

Chantal Dubois

People Administration
Picture of Chantal Dubois

Chloe Peirce

Marketing Development Representative
Picture of Chloe Peirce

Christina Tubb

Field Account Executive
Picture of Christina Tubb

Claudia Herzet

Talent Acquisition Manager
Picture of Claudia Herzet

Damien Pulinx

Account Executive
Picture of Damien Pulinx

Daniel Bartz

IT Infrastructure
Picture of Daniel Bartz

Danny Willem

Full-Stack Developer
Picture of Danny Willem

Dave Madnani

Enterprise Success Project Manager
Picture of Dave Madnani

David Nathanson

Senior Account Executive
Picture of David Nathanson

Davita Perelsztejn

Junior Finance Manager
Picture of  Davita Perelsztejn

Denis Hamann

Back-End Developer
Picture of Denis Hamann

Eirini Kasti

Product Designer
Picture of Eirini Kasti

Emily Thrasher

Property Management Executive
Picture of Emily Thrasher

Federico Corona

Enterprise Success Manager
Picture of Federico Corona

Francesca de Giovanni

Enterprise Success Manager
Picture of Francesca de Giovanni

Geoffrey Bressan

Head of Marketing
Picture of Geoffrey Bressan

Geoffroy De Cooman

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer
Picture of Geoffroy De Cooman

Geoffroy Delobel

Head of Design
Picture of Geoffroy Delobel

Gregory Blondeau

Founder & CEO
Picture of Gregory Blondeau

Henry Mossop

Senior Account Executive
Picture of Henry Mossop

Ioana Petricean

Marketing Communication Lead
Picture of Ioana Petricean

Irmina Glowacka

Account Executive
Picture of Irmina Glowacka

Ivan Stoilov

Senior Front-end Developer
Picture of Ivan Stoilov

Jan-Pieter George

Access Control Executive
Picture of Jan-Pieter George

Jean-Bernard van Zuylen

Co-founder and Head of Technology
Picture of Jean-Bernard van Zuylen

Jean-Thomas Cock

Head of Finance
Picture of Jean-Thomas Cock

Johnny Ruiz Montiel

Quality Assurance Manager
Picture of Johnny Ruiz Montiel

Jun Song

Content Marketing Lead
Picture of Jun Song

Kev Jones

Director of Product
Picture of Kev Jones

Krystall Fierens-Lee

Chief People Experience Officer
Picture of Krystall Fierens-Lee

Laura Lodeiro

People Experience Coordinator
Picture of Laura Lodeiro

Maarten Bovend'aerde

Outbound Marketing Manager
Picture of Maarten Bovend'aerde

Mathew Holt

Sales Development Representative
Picture of Mathew Holt

Maxime Lecomte

Mobile Developer
Picture of Maxime Lecomte

Meara Hamidiani

Content Marketer
Picture of Meara Hamidiani

Michael Viar

Global Technical Lead
Picture of Michael Viar

Michele Martinelli

Product Marketer
Picture of Michele Martinelli

Mohammed Kerroudj

Lead Designer
Picture of Mohammed Kerroudj

Ophélie Morel de Westgaver

Senior Legal Counsel
Picture of Ophélie Morel de Westgaver

Pearl McGuire

Relationship Manager
Picture of Pearl McGuire

Philippine Raynaud

Enterprise Success Relationship Manager
Picture of Philippine Raynaud

Pierrine Carlier

Lead Generation Manager
Picture of Pierrine Carlier

Pieter Strouven

Product Manager
Picture of Pieter Strouven

Rafael Figueroa

Head of Customer Success
Picture of Rafael Figueroa

Robin Croon

Full-Stack Developer
Picture of Robin Croon

Ryan Koch

Customer Success Lead (US)
Picture of Ryan Koch

Sopan Paranjape

Quality Assurance Engineer
Picture of Sopan Paranjape

Steve Cessario

Customer Success Manager
Picture of Steve Cessario

Susi Wernicke

Customer Success Manager
Picture of  Susi Wernicke

Thibault Deweerdt

Account Executive
Picture of Thibault Deweerdt

Thomas Mouchart

Engineering Manager
Picture of Thomas Mouchart

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