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Our story

We’re on a mission to create millions of positive connections, by transforming the way people are welcomed to offices around the world.


We take the stress out of business meetings

Every day, around the world, millions of people meet each other at offices either as the guest or the host of a business meeting. Unfortunately, the experience of getting to the meeting, finding the right building, waiting at reception, signing-in and tracking down your contact is often frustrating, time-consuming, flawed and, frankly, a mess.

At Proxyclick we all experienced firsthand the discomfort that often comes with corporate meetings. We saw important meetings cut short because we wasted time finding a parking spot or waiting at reception for our host to be located in the building.

Millions of people have to deal with frustrating business meeting logistics every day. Added up, that’s a huge amount of stress. We want to do something about it.

Connect with confidence

We want to optimize the millions of connections people are making every day in the corporate world. After all, business meetings are people meetings too.

So we decided to get rid of this ridiculous process, retire the paper logbook, and simplify and streamline the visitor journey. We have designed customizable and intuitive web based software that manages visitors to your offices, from invitation to sign-out.

With these tools, we help you create a great first impression, build richer professional relationships and have better, more productive meetings. We help you connect with confidence.

We like technology but we like people more

Proxyclick’s visitor management system goes beyond updating the visitor experience or providing a secure check-in. By putting people at the center of what we do, we aim to humanize and personalize our tools, by making them beautiful, easy to use, intuitive and unintrusive. In fact, the less you notice us, the better.

Proxyclick in numbers

10+ million

Visits registered via Proxyclick


Fortune 500 companies on Proxyclick


Customer requests handled last month


24/7 Median support response time


Features added in the last 12 months


Languages spoken in-house

What we’ve built

Since launching in 2010, Proxyclick has created millions of positive connections

A lean startup, bootstrapped and self-funded, we built Proxyclick step by step, releasing products often, adapting and learning fast from each release. That’s how we started and how we grew. We were hands-on, nimble, agile, and above all we listened to our customers.

Today, hundreds of organizations across the globe, from large Fortune 500 companies to small local shops, use our service to transform the way they welcome guests. By designing an easy and comfortable visitor journey, we give everyone in the business meeting ecosystem the confidence to connect smoothly and securely.

The first ever Proxyclick check-in happened at 11.27AM on May 21st 2010, when Thierry from Volkswagen met Patrick at Yara.



As of March 2018 we have processed more than 10 million visits via Proxyclick iPad kiosks around the globe. Thank you to everyone who supported us on the way to achieving this milestone.

An experienced team of dedicated and passionate members

Proxyclick's team is committed to deliver a top notch service along with an outstanding product. Based in one of our two offices or working remotely from different countries, our growing team puts customers at the center.

Gregory Blondeau

Business Development
Picture of Gregory Blondeau

Nothing brings more joy to Gregory than building something meaningful and seeing it grow every day (whether it is starting a family, learning a new sport or building a company…) Maybe that explains Gregory’s unbelievable amount of energy and his enthusiasm in the office.

Geoffroy De Cooman

Product & Operations
Picture of Geoffroy De Cooman

Geoffroy loves the direct contact with our users and quickly transposing their feedback into new or improved features. For him, it is all about the teamwork that is needed to make it happen. Passionate about food, science books and golf, Geoffroy also has a knack for forgetting his belongings as he moves throughout the office.

Jean-Bernard van Zuylen

Picture of Jean-Bernard van Zuylen

Jean-Bernard’s love for James Bond films becomes apparent as soon as his phone starts ringing. Like his favorite spy, J.B. (as we like to call him) is a great problem-solver and always on a mission. His initials are J.B. Coincidence? We think not.

Geoffrey Bressan

Picture of Geoffrey Bressan

As the Head of Marketing, Jeff (his office nickname) is very often at the converging point of different teams: his own Marketing, but also Product and Sales. This all-around nice guy (he did live in Canada for 2 years) loves to mix creativity and science when testing new marketing approaches.

Hélène-Marie t'Kint

Team Happiness Manager
Picture of Hélène-Marie t'Kint

Having quite an open-ended job title like Helene's means that she can be seen doing quite diverse tasks from one day to another. No matter if she is helping organize delicious office lunch, improving the workplace or welcoming guests to the office, Helene does it with verve, creativity and good mood. A self-confessed serial "loser" of her phone, she is a proud parent of Rufus, our office French Bulldog.

Henry Mossop

Senior Visitor Experience Specialist
Picture of Henry Mossop

Henry loves the feeling of helping prospects to solve a problem and at the same time seeing Proxyclick grow. His result-oriented approach is not only limited to work. We often notice him walking strangely in the office; being in pain from going to the gym the day(s) before. Luckily, he is always able to ease his suffering with a bowl of incredible sweet porridge.

David Nathanson

Senior Visitor Experience Specialist
Picture of David Nathanson

David's mission in Proxyclick is to educate prospective clients on the benefits of using Proxyclick, so usually he has a few discovery calls and demos scheduled. He also tries to keep the cat out of his home office. A fluent speaker of three languages (English, Russian and Hebrew), David enjoys figuring out how to approach each contact, as they are all unique.

Eric Brinks

Senior Visitor Experience Specialist
Picture of Eric Brinks

Whether he's solving customers' issues or visiting the Brussels office, Eric's contagious enthusiasm is brightening up any room. Together with Emily and David, he's part of our growing US team and sells Proxyclick from Maryland. Eric might be deaf of his right ear, but he still enjoys good music - which he often pairs with good beers.

Dave Madnani

Customer Success
Picture of Dave Madnani

Based in the US, Dave is our customer success hero on the other side of the Atlantic. Proxyclick’s most handsome Jamaican has a real passion for entrepreneurship and loves traveling off the beaten path.

Giovanna Fauro

Customer Success
Picture of Giovanna Fauro

Giovanna’s day consists of helping our customers via chat, email and phone; sometimes she does more than one thing at a time, but always with a good coffee. She also can fit in an Ikea bag. If you don’t believe her, ask her for proof.

Nathalie Weis

Account Management
Picture of Nathalie Weis

A proud collector of pepper mills, Nathalie also enjoys haggling as a seller at flea markets and seafood. Hailing from Luxembourg, Nathalie enjoys the mix of people from all walks of life in Proxyclick. Above all, she enjoys giving demos to German speaking clients and prospects.

Emily Thrasher

Property Management Executive
Picture of Emily Thrasher

Emily is not only Proxyclick's First Lady of Property Management and Multitenant Sales, but also handles account management calls and expansion pushes, all in between sessions of intense Slacking with colleagues to find out the latest product news and finesses of Proxyclick.

Ruben Real

Partnerships & Channel Manager
Picture of Ruben Real

Together with Henry, Ruben makes up one half of Electric Kandy, a fiery rock 'n' roll band that's become a staple of the Brussels bar scene. In charge of taking care of Proxyclick's partner network, Ruben lights up any room with his enthusiasm and is happiest when Rufus in at the office.

Kev Jones

Access Control Executive
Picture of Kev Jones

We know what you are thinking: Kev is a Dave Grohl lookalike. Having heard that many times before, he won't hold it against you if you mention it to him. This fan of odd socks makes up the Intreba team together with Jan-Pieter and you're hardly going to find two people more enthusiastic about ACS.

Jan-Pieter George

Access Control Executive
Picture of Jan-Pieter George

Jan-Pieter brings that famous Rotterdam brand of friendliness to Proxyclick and as the other Intreba ACS specialist, acts as the Yin to Kev's Yang. Revels in digging into a new system and working out the best way to make the product shine. Married to his wife from LA. Hates mushrooms, but won't say no to fried crickets.

Pierrine Carlier

Digital Marketing
Picture of Pierrine Carlier

After two years working in the London startup scene, Pierrine crossed the Channel back to her home country and joined the Proxyclick marketing team. Fun fact: she used to work as a carpenter and in free time she likes travelling, learning languages and music festivals.

Amanda Sieusahai

Digital Marketing
Picture of Amanda Sieusahai

There is no such thing as a typical day in Proxyclick and Amanda loves that! One day she's working on new video content, the next on website redesign and another day on events. Born in Trinidad, she moved to the US when she was 8 and found her way to Proxyclick by way of working for another Belgian company in New York City. "I suck at ping pong", she says, "but I'm learning". Watch out everyone!

Kevin Cador

Product Manager
Picture of Kevin Cador

A proud vegan, fan of Apple products and UX in general, on a typical day Kevin writes Business Requirements, if he's not planning Proxyclick features or communicating the roadmap with QA, Design, Devs, Sales and Customer Success. The thing Kevin likes the most is cracking a feature, e.g. a UX constraint; the feeling of accomplishment makes the hard work worth it.

Mohammed Keroudj

Lead Designer
Picture of Mohammed Keroudj

Mo is in charge of mobile and web design in Proxyclick, the two things he happens to love. Fan of cinema and design in general, Mo still has two milk teeth. He can often be found in the ping pong room during the breaks practicing his eye-hand coordination, which surely comes handy for honing his famous Sketch skills.

Dimitri Leemans

Senior Back-end Developer
Picture of Dimitri Leemans

Dimitri’s high school teacher told him in 5th grade that he would have a very hard time succeeding in math. A few decades later, he won a grant as a Professor and Researcher of Mathematics at the University of Auckland. Since he is back in Brussels, we enjoy his data analyzing skills as much as hearing about his stories of New Zealand.

Ivan Stoilov

Senior Front-end Developer
Picture of Ivan Stoilov

Ivan’s enthusiasm for writing code is not limited to office hours. In his free time, Ivan continues to build his own apps just for the fun of it. He also loves snowboarding and has the patience of making proper sourdough bread – a 7-day process.

Johnny Ruiz Montiel

Quality Assurance Engineer
Picture of Johnny Ruiz Montiel

Johnny is our savior. He identifies the bugs before releases and creates test automation scripts, making our entire testing process more efficient. After a fun night out in a karaoke bar, the team knows him also as the singer of the new version of “The Macarena”.

Thomas Mouchart

Full-Stack Engineer
Picture of Thomas Mouchart

Thomas loves creating things from scratch and has therefore the most fun when he can develop a completely new feature for our customers. If he is not travelling or playing squash, he uses his spare time to build his own video games and play them.

Anthony Janssens

Senior Mobile Developer
Picture of Anthony Janssens

Anthony is a French-speaking Belgian, born on the Dutch-speaking side of the country and who's language of choice is English. For him, a typical day at Proxyclick starts with J.B. calling out "Hey Anthoooooony!", then he codes, tests and re-codes the Welcome app. These coding sessions are intermingled with some darts and coffee!

Daniel Bartz

IT Infrastructure
Picture of Daniel Bartz

Also known as the invisible man, he and his team take care of the IT infrastructure at Proxyclick and help us build a scalable platform. Outside of work, he enjoys the infrastructure on a much larger scale – he has a passion for sightseeing. And even if Daniel is quite the jokester, you’ll never be 100% sure if he’s joking or not.

Nick Verbiest

Mobile Developer
Picture of Nick Verbiest

As Mobile Developer, Nick is in charge of making our iPad app flawless and creating useful features. Though Nick likes to stay inside to play board games and computer games, you’ll also find him outside skiing or snowboarding as soon as the snow season begins. He's also our in-house Star Wars expert, so if you feel a disturbance in the force, Nick's the one to go to.

Chloe Peirce

Junior Inbound Sales & Support
Picture of Chloe Peirce

Chloe spends most of her days helping our customers - send her a good GIF and you'll make her day. When she's not doing everything to find solutions to our clients’ issues, you'll find her eating beans on toast (if she's feeling homesick for the UK), training for half-marathons or practicing her Spanish.

Chantal Dubois

Picture of Chantal Dubois

There are two things Chantal enjoys the most about working in Proxyclick: the "bath" of youth and enthusiasm on the one hand, and the freedom to do her job well on the other. Chantal also loves her family and playing golf. Her petite size hides her immense prowess and readiness to help with anything HR related.

Jean-Thomas Cock

Finance Manager
Picture of Jean-Thomas Cock

Jean-Thomas or Jt is a certified scuba instructor, when he isn't spending time with his kids or playing board games, not to mention handling finance in Proxyclick. Salespeople's best friend when they need to invoice a client, he revels in playing with numbers and excel sheets, which has led to him being nicknamed 'the Master of the Coin'.

Catherine Vanderhoeven

Finance Consultant
Picture of Catherine Vanderhoeven

Catherine's role in Proxyclick revolves around financial reporting. She enjoys the informal nature of her meetings with Proxyclick colleagues and being known as the financial expert around the office. What gets her giddy is having to translate business activities into numbers. Outside work, you'll find her preparing for the 20km Brusself half-marathon.

Adeline Henry de Frahan

Visitor Experience Specialist
Picture of Adeline Henry de Frahan

Sebastiaan van der Meulen

Business Development Executive
Picture of Sebastiaan van der Meulen

Dorian Van Bever

Marketplace Lead
Picture of Dorian Van Bever

Camille Deveseleer

Picture of Camille Deveseleer

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