We take the stress out of business meetings

Every day, around the world, millions of people meet each other at offices either as the guest or the host of a business meeting. Unfortunately, the experience of getting to the meeting, finding the right building, waiting at reception, signing-in and tracking down your contact is often frustrating, time-consuming, flawed and, frankly, a mess.

At Proxyclick we all experienced firsthand the discomfort that often comes with corporate meetings. We saw important meetings cut short because we wasted time finding a parking spot or waiting at reception for our host to be located in the building.

Millions of people have to deal with frustrating business meeting logistics every day. Added up, that’s a huge amount of stress. We want to do something about it.

Connect with confidence

We want to optimize the millions of connections people are making every day in the corporate world. After all, business meetings are people meetings too.

So we decided to get rid of this ridiculous process, retire the paper logbook, and simplify and streamline the visitor journey. We have designed customizable and intuitive web based software that manages visitors to your offices, from invitation to sign-out.

With these tools, we help you create a great first impression, build richer professional relationships and have better, more productive meetings. We help you connect with confidence.

We like technology but we like people more

Proxyclick’s visitor management system goes beyond updating the visitor experience or providing a secure check-in. By putting people at the center of what we do, we aim to humanize and personalize our tools, by making them beautiful, easy to use, intuitive and unintrusive. In fact, the less you notice us, the better.

What we’ve built

Since launching in 2010, Proxyclick has created millions of positive connections.

We’ve come a long way from the first ever Proxyclick check-in that happened at 11.27AM on May 21st 2010, when Thierry from Volkswagen met Patrick at Yara.

A lean startup, bootstrapped and self-funded, we built Proxyclick step by step, releasing products often, adapting and learning fast from each release. That’s how we started and how we grew. We were hands-on, nimble, agile, and above all we listened to our customers.

Today, hundreds of organizations across the globe, from large Fortune 500 companies to small local shops, use our service to transform the way they welcome guests. By designing an easy and comfortable visitor journey, we give everyone in the business meeting ecosystem the confidence to connect smoothly and securely.

Our team

We are hybrid and mobile.

We work with a hybrid team made up of employees, freelancers and suppliers (i.e. companies that provide us with their services). They are all team members.

We believe in total mobility. To be able to move anywhere without it affecting our business. Our employees in Belgium work where they want. Our freelancers are spread across the globe, in the US, India, Argentina, Honduras, Belgium… Some of them we’ve never even met in person. Finally we partner with three special companies, with people dedicated to Proxyclick projects:

  • Central is our design team, they create fantastic user experiences and challenge us to push our product to the next level;
  • Guardis is our infrastructure team, they make sure we are 110% reliable and secure;
  • RiseUp is our mobile development team, committed to building an outstanding product for our users.

Gregory Blondeau
Director sales & marketing

Geoffroy De Cooman
Director operations & product development

Jean-Bernard van Zuylen
Director IT & software development


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