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Site security is an important aspect of food production but balancing the needs of visitors while keeping secure can be a complicated and inefficient process.

Proxyclick can help by:

  • Giving you complete peace of mind by having an overview of who is on site at any given time
  • Helping to identify food contamination risks and ensuring compliance by collecting signed site regulations electronically
  • Leaving a lasting impression on visitors while not compromising site safety

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Creating a good first impression for your visitors doesn’t happen by chance. Download our best practice guide and find out how you can get it right, each and every time, by understanding:

  • How to welcome visitors and the best way to obtain health information
  • How to ensure visitors follow GMP and provide their consent through a streamlined process
  • How to improve the provision of PPE for visitors and ensure they only have access to appropriate areas on your site

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Maximising the experience of visitors at food manufacturing sites - a Proxyclick eBook

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No need to compromise Food Safety

When a visitor enters your site you need to ensure the continuing safety of your food manufacturing processes. Knowing who is on your site, and that all safety regulations have been complied with, will give peace of mind that you’re meeting your obligations.

Shed those site regulation burdens

If a guest is visiting controlled areas of your site, they need to follow your good manufacturing process (GMP). But getting their consent can be paper-intensive, require time from your staff to verify the information and take up storage space. Don’t worry, there is a better way…

Good health to your visitors and processes

This is an essential snapshot of visitors’ health, and it needs to be done for each and every visitor, each and every time. These processes can often be too long and too boring but they don’t have to be. Change it, and you’ll impress both your visitors and your staff.

Security doesn’t mean poor visitor experience

If a guest is visiting your warehouse, processing, maintenance or any other controlled areas of your food manufacturing site, security needs to be tight. But you can’t allow this to harm the visitor experience. And it doesn’t have to! Both can seamlessly work together.

Streamline your PPE processes

Personal protection equipment (PPE) must be provided to visitors to uphold their safety. Improve your PPE processes, maintain thorough records of equipment taken out and create a streamlined visitor experience by using Proxyclick.

Time for those little touches

Giving your visitors a positive experience needs to happen from the very first moment they arrive on your site. Create a welcome that stands out by allowing your visitors to sign in independently while you focus on giving them a warm personal greeting.

What do our customers say?

By providing a great visitor experience, Proxyclick influences the perception of our company. It has positively changed the way visitors see Greencore while helping us to reduce the significant costs of managing many thousands of annual visits across our large, multisite estate.
Costas Moraitis, IT Business Relationship Manager, Greencore. Greencore

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