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Employee flows, your way: Proxyclick Proovr

Delight your employees with an easy to use solution that gives you real-time visibility, control over who enters, and integrates with your existing hardware and software.

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Make the most of the hybrid world of work

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Access control integrations




Health and safety

How Proxyclick's Proovr employee solution works

Conditional employee access

Easily give access to employees

Provide custom levels of access with a digital key. Integrate with your access control system to open doors and check-in or use an iPad at your front desk.

Access control integrations
Access Control Integrations

Employee questionnaire

Boost your health and safety processes

Use the health screening questionnaire to screen employees before arrival.

Add a temperature scanner to keep out anyone with a temperature. 

Health and safety capabilities

Employee check-in

Tailor flows to your needs

Easily register presences however works best for you.

Have people check in using your access control system, the iPad in your lobby, or use their phone to check them in based on their location.


Occupancy controls

Enforce capacity limits

Only let people in when there's room. If the capacity limits you set are reached, no one else can book a place or come in.


Desk booking

Plan your spaces with Condeco

Create the perfect hybrid work environment to foster collaboration. Employees can book desks via the Condeco Desk Booking System and pick who they sit with.

Condeco Desk Booking

Web-based or app

Make everyone happy

Let your employees choose what works for them. They can book ahead and check-in using the app, Proovr's web-based solution, or a combination of the two.

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Contact tracing

Track interactions

Keep an easy to audit record of who was where and when, and who they met.

Contact everyone on location in case of an emergency, and use contact tracing if someone gets ill.


Easy to edit flows

Adapt to the latest policy updates

Change processes and align with the latest internal or government rules at the push of a button.

Data privacy

Don't compromise your data

Our ISAE 3000 Type I Privacy Attestation ensures sensitive data is secure and treated with respect.

Ensure compliance with automated data deletion.

data deletion

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