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The sales team at Proxyclick is a prime example of teamwork and collaboration at its finest, where mentorship and guidance from top-down fuels Proxyclick's growth. Our team of sales Rockstar's are composed of various individuals with different roles all working towards Proxyclick's expansion and growth.

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Our team values

Build trust

Know your audience and speak their language

Listen more than you talk

Deliver value with every step

Focus on customers and not the feature

Research and plan ahead

Be confident in your product and its ROI

Create urgency and build momentum

Why should you join this team?


Being part of the sales team means having an opportunity to grow whilst being challenged daily to strive as #OneTeam towards the wider success of Proxyclick

Henry - Sales Director Mid-Market


This is how we divide ourselves

Which team do you want to join?

Account Executive Team

The Account Executive team run with all sales qualified leads , depending on their potential sizes (Mid market/ Enterprise), and look at further expanding our current portfolio with the existing customers

Sales Enablement Team

The Sales Enablement team provides the needed resources and trainings to our MDR's, SDR's and AE's to close, expand and secure the business

Partnership Team

The Partnership team  strengthens our relationship with global integrators, resellers and referrals, and ensure that the Proxyclick's ecosystem grows exponentially.

Market Development Team

The Market Development team is responsible for for qualifying leads both inbound (MDR) and outbound (SDR).

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Brussels, New York and remote

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