Make your check-in process touchless

Are you still welcoming essential contractors and visitors to your premises? A touchless check-in experience can keep your business continuity running in the safest way possible.

Reduce physical contact at reception

Your reception staff can check people in straight from the Dashboard.

This enables the removal of all iPad kiosks from your reception area, helping you avoid unnecessary exposure or possible contamination.


Continue to take each visitor's picture

Does your company policy require visitor pictures to be taken upon arrival?

You can still do this without kiosks in place. Simply take them from the Dashboard, using an external webcam. 


Use your invitation email for extra security

When it comes to sharing relevant communications with visitors, the sooner the better.

By adding crucial health and safety information to your invitation email, you can add an additional step in your business continuity planning. 


Have agreements signed in advance

Are your visitors or contractors required to sign agreements upon their arrival?

Even if you decide to remove iPad kiosks as part of the touchless check-in experience, you can still send ahead any legal docs or contracts for signature via email. 


Use touchless access points around your facility

Proxyclick integrates with your existing access control system. So you can generate your visitor's unique QR code to be used as an access pass at key checkpoints. 

If you don't currently have an access control system, we can recommend one for you.


Shared experience and best practices

Read what some of our customers have to say about their current
COVID-19 measures.

Our organization decided to temporarily remove tablets at the front desk to limit surface contact and possible spread of the virus.

Head of Global Corporate Security Strategic Programs

Insurance - 5000+ employees

All of our employees have been instructed to use Proxyclick, without possible derogation, at the risk of having their visitors refused entry to premises.

Location Administrator

Chemical - 5000+ employees

We sent our visitors documents in advance so they can verify that they do not present a risk linked to COVID-19.

Location Administrator

Chemicals - 5000+ employees

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