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How Proxyclick Employee features work

Conditional employee access

Easily grant access to employees

Invite employees and contractors to download the Proxyclick Proovr app. Once registered, they can use it to store digital access keys.

These keys can provide custom levels of access via access control systems, or let employees check-in using a kiosk. They can be revoked if needed. 


Employee questionnaire

Keep out anyone with symptoms

Use the health screening feature to ask custom questions ahead of each employee’s arrival, and refuse access to anyone who does not comply with health and safety guidelines.


Employee attendance scheduling

Respect occupancy limits

Limit the number of employees that can be on-site at any given time by letting them schedule attendance based on capacity.

Integrate with desk booking and room booking solutions for even greater control.


Contact tracing

Track interactions

Keep an easy to audit record of who was where and when, as well as who they might have met. If someone gets ill, quickly contact anyone who might have been in touch with them.


Employee check-in

Reduce friction

Make it as easy as possible for employees to return. Provide an intuitive and user-friendly solution that lets them securely and quickly check-in and out.


Easy to edit flows

Adapt to the latest policy updates

Uncertainty requires flexibility. Change processes and align with the latest internal or government rules at the push of a button.

Emergency List

Security and control

A real-time overview of employees, contractors, and visitors across your locations. Manage rights, access, and use the Emergency List to instantly communicate with everyone on one or more sites if needed.


Data privacy

Secure sensitive data

Rely on Proxyclick and it’s full ISAE 3000 Type I Privacy Attestation to ensure sensitive data is secure and treated with respect.

Automate data deletion after a set period of time to ensure compliance with local and international regulations. 

data deletion


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