Plans and pricing

* You’ll be invoiced 40 for every 50 extra visits if you go above your plan.

Need something specific? We can provide you with a custom plan if you manage multiple sites, multiple properties or have a special request. Tell us what you need or check our FAQ.

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Kiosk app

Free Medium Large Enterprise

Design your identity

Home screen: custom background image
Home screen: filter or blur background image
Home screen: change text color
All screens: change accent color of buttons and standard texts
All screens: custom texts

E.g. “Welcome to MyCompany” on home screen

All screens: add your logo
Multiple languages

33 languages available

Customize your flow

Visitor self check-in and sign-out
Recognition of pre-registered visitors
Recognition of all returning visitors
QR code check-in and sign-out

QR code can be printed on badge or used with phone

Visitor picture (with front-facing iPad camera)
Custom screens

A screen can include a message, a dead-end, a picture or a question. A question can be a drop-down, yes/no, date or free text

Smart rules

Flow editor allows to define screens, based on answers to previous drop-down or yes/no questions

Agreement signing

Manual signature, visitors can request a copy

Multiple agreement signing

Manual signature, visitors can request a copy

Agreements stored in OneDrive
Default safety instructions and NDA provided (incl. icons)
Visitors can request permanent QR codes
Event mode

Host field can be removed

Deliveries from iPad
ID scan
Offline mode

iPad operates even when Internet is not available


Free Medium Large Enterprise


Visitor list of the day
(Pre-)register, check in and sign out visitors or groups of visitors
Recurring visits
Bulk upload groups of visitors
Internal communication
Bulk actions: check-in, delete, reset

Bulk actions for several individual visitors or groups of visitors

Address book of visitors
Address book of colleagues
Upload documents (PDF, Word etc.)
Customize and filter columns
Duplicate groups of visitors

Log incoming deliveries from the dashboard

Admin - Location

6 groups of user rights and 16 different rights to select from

Users can be part of multiple groups

Upload list of colleagues

Upload your employee list directly from an Excel document

Unlimited colleagues

Admin - User

Select language

8 languages available

Manage notifications


Free Medium Large Enterprise


Daily summary of visits

Only to admin users

Customizable invitation email sent to visitor

Meeting details, map, host details, custom text, PDF attachment

Reminder sent to visitor 2 hours before visit

SMS only

Customizable check-in notification

Email, SMS, desktop, smartphone app

Customizable welcome email at check-in

Visitors receive an email full of info right after checking in

Standard messages between host and front desk

Email, smartphone app


SMS (not in Free plan), email

If no sign-out after x hours

SMS (not in Free plan), email

Emergency text message to all visitors
Text from host to visitor


Personal Assistant
Anyone added to the visit

Invitation, SMS reminder, SMS after check-in

Communication mode


Incl. picture

Desktop notification

Only at check-in

Smartphone app (Today)

Incl. picture

Skype for Business
Workplace by Facebook


Free Medium Large Enterprise
Custom badge layout

Change size, add fields, upload your logo, icons etc.

(Pre-)print one or multiple badges from dashboard using any printer
Print from kiosk app using AirPrint
Print from kiosk app using any printer
Print different badges for different visitors

Security and privacy

Free Medium Large Enterprise
QR code check-in and sign-out

QR code can be printed on badge or used with phone

Emergency list (web or smartphone app)
Reporting: standard graphs
Reporting: XLS export (incl. custom fields)
ID scan
Emergency text message to all visitors
Automatic data deletion (privacy)


Free Medium Large Enterprise
Azure AD

Agreements stored in OneDrive


Agreements stored in Dropbox

Outlook & Google Calendar

Invite Proxyclick to your meetings and all your expected visitors will be added

Outlook Add-in
Cisco Wi-Fi
Aruba Wi-Fi
Custom integrations

CRM, Intranet, etc.


Free Medium Large Enterprise
Custom terms & conditions

Min. 12 months of subscription required


Free Medium Large Enterprise
Help Center
Email/chat support
Phone support
Dedicated account manager

Multiple locations

Free Medium Large Enterprise
All locations gain access to features of highest plan
Grouped reporting: XLS export (incl. custom fields)
Global or local user rights
Users access one or selected locations with one username/password
Group locations in different views and reports

Pick a list of locations and view a table with the number of expected, checked-in and signed-out visitors at each location

Overview of all expected, checked-in and signed-out visitors across locations
Global Active Directory integration (incl. limiting users’ access to specific locations)

One AD connection for all locations

Global watchlist

Frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

You get 15 days to try Proxyclick for free. You can then decide to stop, or pick the plan that suits you best.

What is the difference between the free trial and the Free plan?

The 15-day free trial gives you access to all the features of the Enterprise plan excluding integrations (user provisoning, SSO etc.) The Free plan gives you access to limited features during an unlimited time.

What is a visit?

A visit refers to every single visitor appointment created in Proxyclick. For instance, if 100 visits are created this month, resulting in 95 check-ins and 5 no-shows, it will count as 100 visits. For every 50 extra visits above your plan, you will be invoiced 40$. For instance, if you have a Medium Plan with a cap of 250 visits and 325 visits have been created, there will be an extra 80$ on your invoice.

What happens if I go above the maximum number of visits per month?

In the Free, Medium and Large plans, you will be charged an additional $40/40€/£30 for every 50 visits above your plan’s limit. Additional fees are charged in your next invoice.

Are there any hidden costs?

Everything is included in the monthly fee (when we say everything, we mean it). Your monthly payment includes several upgrades per year, customer service, maintenance and hosting. Paid plans include support by phone.

What is the recommended hardware?

Visit our store to see the hardware we recommend.

What support can I expect during the trial and as a customer?

We are here to make sure you are successful. In addition to our Help Center, we provide chat support (for all plans) and phone support (for the Medium, Large, Enterprise plans). If you wish, we can also schedule a demo.

How do you define 1 location?

We use the term “location” to differentiate between separate building addresses. So an organization that greets visitors at receptions on multiple floors is still considered to be 1 location, and would only need 1 service plan. An organization with 2 separate addresses, on the other hand, would be considered to have 2 locations, and would need 2 plans.

Keep in mind that a location can have multiple receptions and/or entrances, with multiple iPads to welcome visitors. In this case, you simply want to ensure that the plan you choose provides an adequate number of kiosk apps for your needs.

For buildings where multiple companies want to use our kiosk app, we offer dedicated multi-tenant accounts. Contact us for more information.

What if my company doesn’t fit in any of the pricing plans?

You can always contact us for a custom quote.

I would like to subscribe for more than 2 years and receive a bigger discount. Is this possible?

Yes it is, please contact us.

Is there a contract?

No need to worry about being locked in a contract. You pay as you go. If you decide to cancel your plan, you can do so whenever you want. You will simply not receive further invoices.

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card or by wire transfer, depending on the plan and payment frequency you choose. We don’t accept payment by check.

  Free Medium Large Enterprise
Monthly Credit card requested in case of overage Only by credit card
Annually Only by credit card Credit card or wire
Every 2 years Credit card or wire

How is payment currency defined?

Companies based in Canada, Mexico or the United States pay in US dollars, companies based in the UK pay in pounds, and all others pay in euro.

Can I have a specific number on my invoice (e.g. Purchase Order)?

Yes, you can add it during the subscription process.

Can my invoicing address be different from my location address?

Yes. If you need both addresses on the invoice please send an email to before subscribing.

Do you offer discounts for educational and non-profit organizations?

Yes, we offer an additional 10% discount to educational and non-profit organizations.

Can Proxyclick be used in a multi-tenant building?

Yes. Visitors select the logo of the company they are visiting before entering a dedicated check-in process for each tenant. Our building dashboard allows front desk and security teams to keep an overview of all visitors at all tenants.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.