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Over the past year, we've had the opportunity to see the world of work change at an unexpected pace. 

Following challenges with mandatory full-time home working, many organizations have adopted hybrid models to meet employees’ changing needs.  

Technology has been paramount in this movement toward an improved, safer, and more collaborative workplace experience. New and existing solutions have helped decentralize workplaces, support cultural shifts, and spark development of new skillsets that will be crucial to the future of work. 

Leaders across the world believe that technology is and will remain the backbone of companies’ return to work strategies, and that digitization will sustain work and business beyond today’s health crisis. 

Why attend?

But technology, along with improvements in health and wellbeing in the workplace, agile and transparent leadership, and other elements that will make work more sustainable, are building blocks toward something greater: the human connect 

When all the right pieces come together - and when people are connected to all the places they need to be - employees will be happier, more productive, and more innovative. 

Proxyclick Connect unites professionals across facility management, security & compliance, IT & infrastructure, human resources & business operations, proptech, and more.  

Our objective? Developing a roadmap to an ever-evolving new world of work. 

Let’s do this, together. Can we count you in?  

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What to expect?


Leading professionals and companies from a wide variety of industries

Facility management
IT & infrastructure
Security & compliance
HR & operations
Workplace experience & design

First-class platform for building the future of the workplace

Thought-provoking keynote presentations
Best-practice sharing
Roundtable discussions
Customer stories
Networking and 1:1 meetings with industry experts
AI driven matchmaking
Vendor pitches

Our experts will cover the hottest topics


Employee experience (EX) 2.0

Employee reengagement, mental and physical wellness, safety at work, ways of boosting productivity & culture with a hybrid workplace, navigating the new HR challenges.


New world of work (NWOW)

Future trends in workplace design, key technologies for a digitalized workplace, how technologies are shaping the way we work, future of work obstacles.


Hybrid leadership

Overcoming and learning from current challenges, leading change, managing a hybrid team, thriving in turbulent times, driving business growth through entrepreneurship, strategy development.


Data privacy & security

Data privacy risk strategy and scenarios in a digitalized world, security implications for a digital transformation, data compliance requirements.


Evolution not revolution

Success stories, best practices, transformation techniques, breakthrough innovation & creativity, examples of resilience and reinvention.

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We want to provide you with the inspiration, education, and connection you need to grow your business as the workplace evolves. 

So we’re offering you access to a platform for best practice sharing and brand positioning. 

We’d like to collaborate with thought leaders, experienced professionals, and leading organizations across industries to create helpful, engaging content for our attendees. 

Do you have a fresh idea or innovation that will power what’s next? Are you looking to inspire and influence in front of a global audience? 

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In our increasingly digital world, seamless connectivity - not siloed systems - is the way forward. 

We’re building a world-class ecosystem that supports companies in building the ideal workplace for their employees and business needs. 

If you’re a cutting-edge workplace technology provider that shares the same objective, contact us. 

What’s in it for you? As an event partner, you’ll get international visibility that extends beyond this event, as we help enterprises connect to the most reliable and innovative technology providers on the market. 

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