Get more out of your visitor data with Analytics


Reports have a new name: Analytics, and come with a completely redone interface that focuses on the data that you need the most to keep your operations optimal.

Exporting all visitor data is now a lot faster


Exports are now a lot faster due to a completely reviewed code and re-engineering of its technical aspect that now allows very large exports as well.

Group multiple locations together with the Building View.

Buildings are a powerful feature that allows you to perform actions on several related locations at once.

Save time with weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring visits


Cortney, your contractor comes in every 2 weeks on Monday? Now, Proxyclick can handle it with the recurring visits (July 2017).

New weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrences in Proxyclick

Easily track and find visits of returning visitors with visitor history

We have redesigned the visitor profile. It now includes the full history of the visitor's past and planned visits (June 2017).

Provide relevant info to your visitor at check-in with welcome emails

You can now send all your visitors an email directly upon checking in with important details they may need during (or after) their visit. You can think of relevant information such as WiFi code, contact details of the host, Health & Safety instructions, etc. (June 2017).

Manage your visitor address book in bulk

For privacy reasons, you can now choose if a visitor's name appears as they type it or not. We have introduced bulk management of the address book, so you can change these settings for all visitors at once (May 2017).

Instant visit details


We have introduced a super fast fly-over that contains all the details you need, while still keeping a view on the entire dashboard. It comes with two tabs: Details (all the relevant info for that visitor) and Activity (access text-to-visitor, full audit trail, and easy messaging and attachment uploads) (May 2017).

Easy messaging and attachments


You can now quickly inform a colleague or add an attachment to a visit's details. This way, your team stays on the same page and can easily look back into the entire visit’s lifecycle (May 2017).

Easily message your team by directly mentionning them

Exhaustive audit trail

In the new visit details, you can see every change performed on that visitor’s records as well as who made the change, when, and from which system (May 2017).



Send visitors a quick text message, right from the Dashboard (May 2017).

Improved search field

We redesigned the search field to make it more visible (March 2017).

Adjustable columns

We released a much awaited development for receptionists: the ability to adjust the width of the columns in order to better see information that matters (March 2017).

Take pictures from the dashboard

Most companies take visitor pictures from the iPad. You can now also take a picture while creating a visitor from the dashboard (using your webcam or any picture from your computer) (March 2017).

Highlight matches in address book

As users extensively use the address book feature when preregistering returning visitors, we made it easier to spot what part of their name offers a match (March 2017).

Faster preregistration across multiple locations

You can now preregister visitors across multiple locations much faster. Just select the desired locations right from the visit creation form (March 2017).

Faster visit creation


Creating a visit is one of the most used features on the Proxyclick dashboard. This is why we carefully redesigned this form. The new process now loads faster, is keyboard friendly, and has better recognition of a returning visitor (February 2017). 

Private address book

We’ve added a private address book so you can re-use your contacts without sharing them with your colleagues, to be compliant with some company confidientiality policies (February 2017).

Quickly add missing hosts

If a visitor enters a host that is missing in the iPad, you’ll now see it in the dashboard so that you can quickly create the host and notify them (February 2017).

Send yourself a copy of the calendar file

While creating a visit, you can now send yourself a copy of the calendar file (in addition to the invitation email sent to the visitor) (February 2017).

Share appropriate contact details with visitors

You can now further customize the invitation email by defining which contact details to share with visitors (February 2017).

Slack notification

Receive Slack notifications when visitors check in. Notifications also include standard messages (e.g. 'I will be there in 5 minutes'). Standard messages are transferred to the reception team (January 2017).

Filter by any field


Display relevant columns and apply filters to access the relevant subset of visitors (December 2016).

Customize emergency list

Display 2 columns of your choice in the emergency list (December 2016).

Deny visitor access

A button “Access denied” has been added to the check-in notification. Hosts can now quickly communicate to the front desk when access is denied to a visitor. You can activate this button here (December 2016).

Dynamic invitation email

Customize with dynamic variables the invitation email visitors receive. This makes the invitation extra personal and relevant. Meeting room and entrance are displayed in the email (December 2016).

New Locations

It is now much easier to create additional locations (incl. copy the settings from one location to the other) (November 2016).


You can preview the Agreement/NDA as a PDF file directly from the editor (November 2016)

Visitors replies


Visitors' replies to the invitation email are now sent to the host (and not to (November 2016).

Text messages

Text messages are sent from local numbers in 3 additional countries: Australia, France, and New Zealand (November 2016).

Emergency SMS

Text all your checked in visitors in 2 clicks. You just need to activate the cell phone number screen on your kiosk so that all visitors can be notified of an emergency (eg. fire drill) (October 2016).

QR Code printed on badge

Check out on the iPad using your badge. Just show the QR Code in front of the iPad camera (October 2016).

Visitor mobile number added in SMS notification

Add the standard mobile phone number field in the Welcome checkin process. Number format is checked. Number is then added to the SMS notification sent to the host at check-in, allowing for direct communication between host and visitor (September 2016).

New dashboard design


Powerful and flexible dashboard to help heavy users better organize their list of visitors (September 2016).



Two improvements (July 2016):

  • Compare picture of visitor with picture in watchlist
  • Send alert via SMS

Calendar integration


Three improvements (July 2016):

  • Ability to filter out email addresses (e.g. meeting rooms)
  • Supports authentication methods SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Indetified Mail)
  • Ability to send an invitation email on top of meeting request 

Agreements stored in OneDrive


Automatically store signed agreements (NDA, T&Cs...) on external service (OneDrive for Business) (July 2016).

Customizable e-mail check-in notification


Three new ways to customize the email sent to the host when a visitor checks in (May 2016):

  • Add a text at the bottom, e.g. remind hosts about your company guest policies
  • Select which action buttons you wish to activate (e.g. 5 minutes, 15 minutes...)
  • Include the value of custom fields (e.g. guest staying for lunch as shown below)





Single or multi-location (April 2016).


Select key individuals to be notified when unwanted visitors are checking in or are pre-registered (April 2016). Learn more

Badge Editor


No coding skills needed to design your own badge: size, format, content, image, icons... Below example was designed by Velden for their UK office (March 2016):


Desktop notifications


Proxyclick sends real-time check-in notifications to your desktop so you don’t miss activity that’s important to you (January 2016)Learn more

Bulk upload list of colleagues


Enhancements .xls upload employees/hosts (January 2016):

  • Edit or delete hosts
  • Make hosts available in multiple locations

New invitation e-mail to visitor


Format has been changed. Two new options added (December 2015):

  • Possibility to attach a PDF (e.g. safety instructions, parking information, access details....)
  • Option to add a customized text section


Entrance name added to .xls export (January 2016).

Custom Screens and Smart Flows


Fully flexible check-in flow with Custom Screens, which can be:

  • a message,
  • a picture,
  • a question or
  • a dead-end

A question Custom Screen can be customized as:

  • a drop-down
  • a question with a yes or no answer
  • a free text
  • a date

Adding the Smart Flows functionality will allow you to build your own flow of Custom Screens. Screens you show to visitors are defined by their answers to previous drop-down or yes/no questions.

Multiple agreements can also be added in your flows.