Streamline front desk operations Reduce costs through shorter and smarter check-ins


Make time-saving processes
an everyday thing

Give your front desk the right tools to make every visit count. Your reception will be better prepared to manage any situation.

Stop running around in circles chasing people

With real-time alerts via Slack, email, and text message, hosts know exactly when their visitors have checked in.

Reception can also get a heads-up on host ETA through customized auto-reply buttons.  Visitors won't have to wait needlessly again. 


Free up your time and space at reception

On any given day, you may host new and returning visitors or contractors, groups, or job applicants. Unexpected drop-ins and surprises happen too, from time to time.

Provide your receptionists flexibility for all kinds of check-ins. Because no two visits are exactly alike!


Keep up with the pace of deliveries

Your front desk is the gateway for everyone and everything to reach you. Once packages arrive, hosts are notified automatically so reception remains clutter-free.

It's a win-win situation for everyone!

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Manage all your front desks effortlessly

Oversee front desks in multiple locations? Keep an eye on who is coming in and out of your buildings using one powerful dashboard. 

For global organizations, Proxyclick also supports your dashboard with a multi-lingual interface. 


End the struggle with visitor data

Centralize all the information flowing through your many lobbies. Keep it all safe and easy to find in Proxyclick's cloud.


Analyze and report

Track stats like peak hours for each location or aggregate reporting across your multiple buildings. Make data-driven decisions for better staffing.


Go paperless

Goodbye to papercuts and documents getting lost in the shuffle. Have your visitors sign agreements right on the iPad and store them in the cloud for easy retrieval.


Own your data

Find and export the exact data you need when you need it. Satisfy audit requests and back up business decisions with cold hard facts.

Boost your reception's efficiency in minutes. Your free 15-day trial includes every feature to streamline operations*

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