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Boost efficiency Optimize your people flows, cut costs, and save time


Save time and better optimize resources

Don’t let your front desk be a bottleneck. Create a smooth and seamless check-in process for employees, contractors, and visitors.

Benefit from real-time notifications

With real-time alerts via Slack, email, and text messages, hosts know exactly when people have checked in.

Reception can also get a heads-up on ETA through customized auto-reply buttons, and know which entrance someone entered through. 


Enable self check-in and check-out

Empower employees, contractors, and visitors to check themselves in and out without help.

Re-use the profiles of anyone who's already been on site for an even quicker, smoother process.


Stay on top of deliveries

Minimize disruption at the front desk and log incoming deliveries, and automatically inform their recipients.

More about deliveries

Manage multi-locations from a single interface

Leverage a single, powerful dashboard to see who is entering and leaving each of your locations. 

To support international organizations, your dashboard interface is available in 30+ languages.


Leverage your data to optimize people flows

Easily pull reports, and spot opportunities, safe in the knowledge that your data is securely stored in the cloud.


Analyze and report

Keep track of attendance for employees, contractors, and visitors, and better allocate resources. Easily pull reports and insights, across multiple locations.


Store documents digitally

Have key documents such as NDAs signed ahead of time or on a kiosk on arrival. Store all documentation in the cloud for easy access, and to facilitate contact tracing.  


Easy to audit

Quickly find and export the data you need when you need it. Satisfy audit requests and justify data-driven decisions.