Prepare for a safe return to the workplace

As more US companies bring their employees back to the workspace, implement the latest measures in line with the COVID-19 prevention program

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As lockdown measures become less strict, and the vaccination program reaches more and more Americans, it's time to prepare for a return to your workplace. Proxyclick's health and safety features support OSHA's COVID-19 prevention program and let you keep your people and places safe.

How Proxyclick planned a safe return


How it works in 6 easy steps

A safe, intuitive, and easy to implement flow for your employees

Step #1

Stay flexible, keep control

Empower employees to book a visit directly from their phone, as well as individual desks. Know who was, will be, and is on your premises.


Step #2

Respect social distancing

Limit the number of employees that can be on-site by not letting them book if the office is at capacity.


Step #3

Keep out anyone with symptoms

Share health screening questions to make sure people have no symptoms before they arrive.


Step #4

Easily grant access to employees

Provide touchless access using digital keys stored on employee phones.


Step #5

Add extra health and safety checks

Minimize the risks of anyone ill getting past your front desk by taking their temperature in your lobby.


Step #6

Enable contact tracing

 If someone gets ill after a visit, quickly contact anyone who might have been in touch with them.


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