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Protect data Cover all your bases when it comes to audits and regulations


The best defense starts with a solid and secure offense

Visitor-related requirements are key to passing your insurance and compliance audits. Proxyclick helps you answer those specific queries to comply more easily with ITAR and EAR, PCI DSS, and C-TPAT, etc.


Get a head start screening

Run people's names against watchlists during the pre-registration process for approval.


Assign unique access codes

Generate QR codes for specified levels of access so that your workplace data is protected.


Spot intruders right away

Scan IDs through Proxyclick's facial recognition to easily verify their identities.


Require legal signatures

Protect your interests and include NDA or other document signing during pre-check-in.


Maintain visual verification

Hand out custom badges printed with critical info and visitor pictures taken at the kiosk.


Automatic notifications

Your hosts are alerted in real time when visitors who require escorting at all times check in.

Securely capture people's data and consent for all the right reasons

Whether it's FSMA or FISMA, GLBA, or simple insurance coverage, you'll have to report specific details from your visitor records. The right amount of customization and automation will do this for you easily.

Be proactive in your data privacy policies

Proxyclick helps you comply more easily with privacy laws like the GDPR and HIPAA, so you can get on with your business at hand.

Obtain consent to collect visitor data

Above all else, people must freely give you their clear and specific consent to collect their information. With Proxyclick, you can easily build this into each visitor journey.

Provide confidential name displays

Take that extra step in protecting the privacy of your returning visitors. You can prevent their full names from popping up on the kiosk screen at check-in.

Designate granular user rights

Create private address books for profiles, and assign specific roles across your team. Then you can grant various viewing rights of visitor data on a need-to-know basis.

Control data retention and deletion

Establish procedures around the processing and accessibility of people's data with respect to individual rights. This includes the "right to be forgotten," for data deletion upon request.

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