ID Match Verify identities before granting any access

Protect your people and intellectual property with regulatory-compliant checks of your visitor and contractor credentials.


Rely on facial recognition technology

Keep speed and accuracy in your corner. Compare government-issued picture IDs with the pictures taken live from the kiosk.

ID Match calculates a confidence score based on biometrics to ensure the two faces belong to the same person.


Optimize resources, reduce margins of error

Count on a powerful biometric algorithm for more precise identity verification. Your security and lobby staff will be quickly and discreetly notified of any alarming confidence scores.

The decision to grant or deny access to your premises can be made according to your policy.

Reinforce security with custom integrations

Beef up your security processes by integrating ID Match with other powerful features:

  • Shared watchlists: to screen your visitors against Restricted and Denied Parties Lists, in all your locations
  • Access control integrations: to issue QR codes granting authorized access

To learn more, download our white paper about the Integrated Visitor Experience.


Be audit-ready

Adding layers of security checks such as ID Match lets you know exactly who's on your premises. This can help your company prove regulatory compliance every time.

Keep in line with key risk management and trade partnership programs such as C-TPAT (US), PIP (Canada) or AEO (Europe). 


How ID Match works


Enterprises worldwide secure their premises with Proxyclick

Frequently asked questions

Is ID Match GDPR-compliant?

Yes. ID Match is 100% GDPR-compliant and respects all data privacy regulations. Proxyclick does not store any copies of the IDs. Furthermore, only the picture and the name of the visitor (parsed via Optical Character Recognition) are saved. Learn more about Proxyclick and GDPR
Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the activation of Proxyclick features abides by local legislation at each location. 

Which details get saved?

Only the picture and the name of the visitor (parsed via Optical Character Recognition) are stored. Nothing else.

What kind of IDs are supported?

Currently, there are 6,000+ ID types supported. This includes State Identification Cards from all 50 US states, national IDs, driver's licenses, and passports from 200 countries.

Is there separate hardware?

Visitor check-ins with identity verification can be easy and intuitive with the right tools. That's why we recommend specific hardware from Aila Technology. Visit our store

What are some other benefits?

In case of major theft or break-in, your insurance policy will ask for proof of security measures that could have prevented such incidents. With ID Match, you can rest assured that you're insurance-proofed.

Don't let people sign in to your premises under a fake identity.

Discover how adding ID match would work on your locations.

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