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Elevate branding A seamless, professional check-in that reflects your brand


A premium, customizable experience

Give employees, contractors, and visitors the right first impression, and free up your front desk staff to focus on the welcome.

Share key information ahead of arrival

Share branded invitation emails with maps, PDF attachments, on-location rules and regulations, and phone numbers to make arrival as smooth as possible.

Once check-in is completed, automatically issue a Wi-Fi password, a unique QR code for access, and other important details.


Save time and reduce friction

Don’t let your front desk be a bottleneck. Drastically reduce the amount of time it takes employees, contractors, and visitors to check-in.

Thanks to self-check-in features, people can take their pictures and check themselves in on your digital kiosk in a matter of seconds.


Pick from 30+ languages

Make employees, contractors, and visitors comfortable and offer 30+ languages for check-in. 


Tailor each experience

With Proxyclick, you can ask questions that only apply to specific individuals, then adapt your check-in process according to their answers.

Whether it's an employee, contractor, or visitor, each experience will be unique.


Reflect your brand values from the start

People get a powerful first impression of your business as soon as they walk through your door. Make sure it’s one that reflects your culture.

Show your true colors

Welcome employees, contractors, and visitors with customized check-in screens that mirror your branding.

From logos and color schemes to images in your safety instructions, always project your company’s image.


Brand your badges

Include your colors,  logo, Wi-Fi password, and other elements that are part of your brand identity.