Elevate branding Ditch that old paper logbook and nail those first impressions


Less stress, more business

Deliver the wow factor your visitors deserve—a fast digital check-in plus undivided attention from reception.

Be in the business of professionalism

Make your visitors feel confident about finding their way to you. Send branded invitation emails with maps, PDF attachments, and your phone number, etc.

Upon check-in, they'll automatically receive your Wi-Fi password, a unique QR code, or other important details you want to share about their visit.

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Ensure smooth and speedy check-ins

Say goodbye to long lines in the lobby because of the dreaded pen and paper. With Proxyclick, your visitors can snap their pictures and check themselves in on your digital kiosk in a matter of seconds. 

A warm and memorable visitor experience is good for business.

(See Proxyclick's research on this)


Help your visitors feel more at home

Allow your visitors to choose which language they'd like to check in with. They'll feel more at ease from the start so that meetings get off on the right foot.

Proxyclick's multilingual check-in app offers more than 30 languages and the list keeps on growing!


Tailor each visitor experience

With Proxyclick, you can ask your visitors questions that only apply to them. Adapt your check-in process according to their answers without wasting their precious time.

Whether it's a client or job applicant, contractor, or messenger, each visitor experience will be unique. 


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Cultivate your brand from the ground up

Visitors get a sense of your company and culture as they walk through your door. Let your reception speak volumes for you.

Showcase your true colors

Welcome your visitors with customized check-in screens at the kiosk and help them recognize your branding right away.

From logos and color schemes to images in your safety instructions, take every opportunity to set the tone in the smallest of details.


Hand out professional badges

It's the little things that amount to big differences. So offer your visitors beautifully designed and custom badges.

Include your logo, your Wi-Fi password, or other key elements in line with your brand identity.


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