Let’s partner and make magic happen

Together we provide your customers with a complete and innovative visitor management solution.


How it works

You give your customers Proxyclick

With their account they enjoy your product or service combined with our software. Our web application is brought to them by you, with a mention and your logo in the application.

You give your customers an enhanced service

You set your customers up with an iPad app where your name appears. Your service and your name shine when your customers’ visitors check in. Add a multi-companies screen if you wish to manage visitors to multiple tenants.

How we collaborate


You integrate Proxyclick to your systems with our API and customize the software to suit your service and customer needs.


You invoice your customers and you benefit from a special rate for Proxyclick.


You remain your customers’ primary contact but we work together to provide them the service and support they need.

Your customers remain your customers

You manage your customers, from setup to invoicing. They are yours to keep. You listen to their feedback and monitor their activity. You can count on us to push your brand and work together to always improve your customers’ visitor experience.

We pride ourselves in creating with our partners, as we do with our customers, strong and transparent relations; because we believe that we’re in this together.

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Thanks to our partnership with Proxyclick, we can offer a qualitative, dynamic and proactive welcoming experience to the guests of our customers. Proxyclick enables our receptionists to focus on a warm and professional welcome, facilitates front office services and provides transparent reporting.

An Aelbrecht
Business Unit Manager at Receptel