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To help you continue to protect your facilities, employees, and visitors

Over the last few months, we've seen unprecedented obstacles resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

First and foremost, we recommend you follow the advice being given to you by your local or governmental health authorities.

We've been working with our clients to facilitate the best use of Proxyclick to manage visitors and contractors while keeping everyone safe.   

That's why we've gathered all our resources and key learnings to share with you. We believe that keeping an open line of communication and sharing best practices is crucial to operating with more security, efficiency, and health and safety in mind.

Content will be added regularly. Thanks in advance for your partnership.

On-demand webinar

6 steps to combat COVID-19 from the front desk

Learn how top companies are using a visitor management system to minimize health and safety risks during global health crises.

Videos Customize Proxyclick to help during a global crisis

Watch our series of 6 short videos on how to configure Proxyclick during health-related emergencies like the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Raise awareness and accountability for your host

Raise awareness of the risks around face-to-face meetings by creating custom fields with a simple Yes/No answer.

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2. Smart rules for custom flows

Use conditional questions related to health and safety in a custom flow triggered by your visitors' answers at check-in.

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3. Ask your visitors to be a part of H&S measures

Add specific images or text to your existing flow to share health and safety recommendations with your visitors.

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4. Edit the content and validity period of your agreement

Change the validity period of your agreement and edit the check-in flow to ask more sensitive questions.

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5. Make the check-in process a touchless sequence

Make the check-in sequence touchless by temporarily removing tablets from your lobby area.

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6. Add a specific mention on your badge

Temporarily add a custom field or a unique message to your visitor's badge to reinforce health and safety measures in place.

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7. Manage user rights for creating new visits

Modify user rights to match your current visitor policy. Make sure only admins of the location can create new visits, for example.

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8. Only allow expected visitors to check into your premises

Make sure only pre-registered visitors are allowed on your premises and customize a message for unexpected visitors. 

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Blogs Health and safety articles

Read the series of blog articles we have created featuring tips and best practices for navigating the current situation.

Best practices Shared experiences

Read what some of our customers have to say about their COVID-19 measures. We'd love to learn some of your Proxyclick best practices too.

We sent our visitors documents in advance so they can verify that they do not present a risk linked to COVID-19.

Location Administrator

Chemical - 5000+ employees

To help us control risk, we implemented questions related to visitors' recent travel (or contact with those who traveled) in the last 14 days.

AVP, Facility Safety

Cosmetics - 5000+ employees

We decided to take advantage of Proxyclick's desktop dashboard, temporarily removing tablets to limit surface contact and possible spread of the virus.

Head of Global Corporate Security Strategic Programs

Insurance - 5000+ employees

With the COVID-19 virus, Proxyclick's customer support guided us through the custom screens process to enable us to ask the questions we were looking for to keep our associates safe.

Senior Human Resources Manager

Automotive - 501-1000 employees

All of our employees have been instructed to use Proxyclick, without possible derogation, at the risk of having their visitors refused entry to premises.

Location Administrator

Chemical - 5000+ employees

We had to start asking visitors about their recent travel experience because of COVID-19 risks. I just assumed that this would be easy to do with Proxyclick, and it was.

IT Services Relationship Manager

Automotive - 5000+ employees

Learn how a smart visitor management system like Proxyclick can help minimize health and safety risks and boost efficiency during a global health crisis like COVID-19.

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