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Visitor management for food manufacturers Protect your people and premises

Adapt your people flows to strengthen your Food Defense plan, comply with regulations, and reinforce your health and safety process.

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Health and safety Protect your people

The labor-intensive nature of food and drink manufacturing, coupled with factory layouts and processes, means the industry faces unique challenges when dealing with a global pandemic.


Key health and safety features

Benefit from pre-visit health and safety screening and a touchless check-in, while easily tracking and auditing contractor, employee, and visitor movements.

Quickly adapt to change

Flows can be edited instantly, for example, to reflect a tightening or loosening of government guidelines.

Screen people ahead of arrival

Share custom questionnaires with Remote registration to ensure they comply with your health and safety guidelines.

Share guidelines

Ensure people are aware of health and safety rules by presenting guidelines using images or mandatory videos.

Minimize risk of infection

Go touchless with unique QR codes that provide access via your existing access control system.

Respect data privacy

Stay compliant thanks to features such as automated data deletion and Proxyclick’s full ISAE 3000 Type I Privacy Attestation.

Don’t compromise on security

Go touchless without making any trade-offs. Proxyclick’s security features remain fully operational, for your peace of mind.

Secure and efficient Strengthen your Food Defence plan

An effective Food Defence plan hinges on having airtight security measures in place. This includes identifying and documenting anyone who accesses your facilities, leveraging access control systems, and knowing exactly who is on location at any given moment.


Key security features

Integrate with existing systems to strengthen security and only grant access to contractors, employees, and visitors who need it.

Get a head start with watchlists

Run names against watchlists during the pre-registration process for approval.

Assign unique access codes

Generate QR codes for specified levels of access so that your workplace data is protected.
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Spot intruders right away

Scan IDs through Proxyclick's facial recognition to easily verify their identities.

Require legal signatures

Protect your interests and send NDAs and other documents to sign during pre-check-in.

Maintain visual verification

Hand out custom badges printed with critical info and visitor pictures taken at the kiosk.

Automatic notifications

Your hosts are alerted in real time when contractors, employees, or visitors who require escorting check in.

Efficiency Cut costs, boost efficiency

Checking people in and out quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing security, is pivotal on food manufacturing sites.


Key efficiency features

Complement robust security processes with features that streamline, automate, and standardize people flows.

Self check-in and check-out

Contractors, employees, and visitors check themselves in and out directly on the tablet.

Deliveries button

Log incoming deliveries from the kiosk and automatically inform their recipients.

Address book

Easily re-use profiles of anyone who has been on-site before.

Recurring visits

Set up recurring visits for individuals and groups of all sizes.

Multiple entrances

Let hosts know exactly where their visitors checked in.


Receive real-time analytics and reporting and optimize your people flows.

Customization and branding A premium experience

Provide the professional experience people expect from leading food manufacturers.


Key branding features

Give contractors, employees, and visitors key information ahead of arrival, including maps and contact numbers, and mirror your brand with custom kiosk screens and badges.

A professional approach

Custom email invitations with key information, such as maps, PDF attachments, and contact numbers.

A smooth check-in

People can take photos and check themselves in on your kiosk in a matter of seconds.

A fully branded experience

Custom kiosk screens and badges to bring your brand to life.

Don’t waste time

Share Wi-Fi passwords automatically on arrival.

Make visitors feel at home

Choose from 30+ languages when checking in.

Tailor each experience

Adapt your process based on the answers they give during check-in.

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