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Kiosk app

Our iPad app allows your visitors to check in themselves so you can focus on giving them a friendly welcome.


Make your check-in process reflect your brand identity. You can choose your colors, upload your logo and background image, and personalize the text on every screen. See on Pinterest how our customers brand their Welcome

Visitor recognition

Show your visitors that you’ve been expecting them. Have their name appear on the screen as they check in. They feel reassured that they’re on your list and their visit is off to a good start.

Instant pictures

Visitors can take their picture directly with the iPad. The photo is printed on their badge and is saved in your address book. It can also be sent to the host so he recognizes his guest easily.

Smart rules NEW

Smart rules are a way to adapt the series of check-in screens based on your visitor’s answers. If she says she’s not visiting your lab, she won’t see the screens on lab security. 

Multiple languages

Already available in more than 18 languages, our kiosk app greets visitors from everywhere. Need an additional language? Just ask and we’ll add it. Bienvenue, Willkommen, 欢迎!


Your visitors can sign your NDA or health and safety instructions right on the screen. And you can save all signed documents directly in Proxyclick and OneDrive.

Express check-in

To make check-in even faster, QR codes are included in your visitors’ invitation emails and can be added to their digital wallets (smartphones, smart watches etc.). Learn more

Multiple locations

Whether you have more than one door to your building or multiple offices around the world, you can use one single Proxyclick account to manage them all. Added bonus: all your locations inherit the features of your highest plan.

Multiple tenants

Share a building with other companies? Use the same tablet to greet all visitors. Your guests select your logo on the screen and check in. Learn more

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Good service. Practical solution. Highly recommended.

Nick Sugimoto Program Director at Honda R&D Americas, Inc.


Design badges that print automatically at check-in. No wait. No hassle. Just a great welcome.

Edit your design

With the online badge editor, you can fully customize your badges. Add your logo and a QR code, change fonts and colors, insert images and texts, and choose from a range of design themes.

Make it useful

Add your visitors’ appointment details to their badges. Include their meeting room, your Wi-Fi code, and safety icons. This way, your visitors have all the information they need before their meeting even starts.

Pre-print your badges

If you’re expecting a rush at reception or simply want to plan ahead, you can prepare visits in advance and print visitors’ badges before they arrive.

Use any kind of badge

Use the badges that work for you. They can be paper badges, swipe cards, badges that expire or anything else. If you need help finding the right badge, take a look through our store.

Identify types of visitors NEW

Want contractors to get green badges and visiting students to get blue ones? Just add rules while you design your badges.

Access control NEW

Do you use an access control system? Good news: Proxyclick integrates seamlessly with your ACS for a streamlined visitor experience. Learn more 



Use any printer

Proxyclick works with the hardware you have, including AirPrint printers. Badges can be printed automatically from the iPad as visitors check in, or from the dashboard on your receptionist’s PC. Learn more

For suggestions of good badge printers, browse through our store.



Send helpful invitations

Make sure your visitors feel confident about finding your building. Send them an email invitation with a map, directions, PDF attachments, and your phone number to reach you if they’re late. The end result? Less stress and a great first impression.

Try it out! We’ll send you a sample invitation

Text message reminders

On the day of their visit, visitors get a friendly text message reminder containing meeting details and entrance name.

Sign-out notifications

Hosts can be notified when visitors check out. That way they know their visitors aren’t snooping around. If visitors don’t sign out, hosts also get a notification and can sign them out themselves to ensure the visitor list is always up-to-date.

Emergency notifications NEW

Send a text message to all visitors in your building in just one tap. By sending a message directly to visitors’ phones, you can be sure that they are notified as quickly as possible.

Communication between host and visitor NEW

When a visitor checks in, his mobile phone number is sent to the host in a text message. This makes it easy for hosts to directly contact their visitors.

VIP alert

If you’re expecting very special guests, add them to your watchlist (who said watchlists were only to keep out bad guys?). As soon as a VIP enters the building, notifications will be sent to everyone who needs to know.

Daily email summary

Every morning at 7 am, you get an overview of yesterday’s visits. The email contains the number of visits, the names of expected visitors who didn’t check in and the names of visitors who didn’t check out. You can then follow up if you want to.

Customizable check-in notifications

Hosts, and any other selected individuals, receive an email and/or a text message when their visitor arrives. You can customize your email notifications by choosing which text and action buttons to include (e.g. “I’ll be available in 5 minutes”).

Try it out! We’ll send you a sample check-in notification


It’s yours. Set it up the way you want to.

Manage your visitor list

Our visitor list is not a spreadsheet. It’s a tool. You can use it to check in visitors, add notes, and insert new columns of information. You can also decide which columns you want to display in your dashboard so you have the perfect overview.

Save visitor information

Store visitor information so you don't have to type it in each time. This information also helps you give returning visitors a personal welcome. If your visitor said she liked coffee, you’ll know to prepare the coffee machine next time you see her name on your visitor list.

Recurring visits

If an accountant is visiting your company multiple days in a row, create a recurring visit. She’ll automatically be marked as an expected visitor on each one of those days.

Synchronize employee list

During check-in, visitors can choose their host out of a list of suggested employee names. Keep this list up-to-date by uploading an Excel file to the dashboard or syncing your employee directory with your Proxyclick account.

Pre-register visitors

Pre-register your visitors through the dashboard or your personal calendar. Once you’ve done that, your guests receive an invitation email and they’re included in your visitor list for that day.

Welcome large groups

Save time by uploading group details in bulk from Excel and duplicating returning groups. When groups arrive, the host only gets notifications for the first and last group members.

Print with any printer

You can print badges with any printer directly from the dashboard. Easy right?


Proxyclick’s dashboard is available in 8 languages
Other languages can easily be added upon request. Just ask us!

Every situation covered

  • Helpful visitor invitations
  • Fast & secure check in with ID scan
  • Custom terms and NDA's
  • Group visits management
  • Emergency list access


Want to sync expected visitors with your calendar, store signed agreements in OneDrive, or have your access control system work hand in hand with Proxyclick? Your wish is our command.

Microsoft OneDrive

Outlook Calendar

Outlook Add-in

Google Calendar


Lotus Notes Calendar



Microsoft Active Directory








Smartphone app

Thanks to our phone app, your logbook is never out of reach.

Receive notifications

When your visitor checks in, you’re notified. You can say when you’ll get to the lobby and see your visitor’s picture to instantly recognize him when you get there.

Contact your visitor

You can call or send a text message to your visitor as soon as he has checked in to let him know you’re on your way.

Keep an emergency list

Mark your visitors as “verified” in case of an emergency. The emergency list can be accessed by multiple security guards and is synced in real time.


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Save your data

Save your visitors’ information for future reference. You can also download all your data, including custom fields, as Excel files.

Make custom reports

You can create reports compiling statistics of visitors’ answers to your check-in questions. Custom questions are also included in these reports.

Visualize your data

The dashboard comes with standard prepopulated graphs of your data. With these graphs, you can spot trends that can help you improve your visitor management.


Safety check

Let your facility manager or security guard know, with an email or a text message, when a visitor checks in or forgets to sign out.

Visitor agreement

Your visitors sign your agreements (NDA etc.) or health and safety instructions as they check in. With all visitors aware of your safety and confidentiality rules, your facilities and your data are safer.

Emergency list

Have access to your list of current visitors, anytime, anywhere. In case of an emergency, you know who’s in your building in seconds.

User permissions

Assign different permissions to different people in your organization. For example, you can allow your assistant to pre-register visitors for you, or give IT full access to your Proxyclick settings.


Manage in-house or third-party watchlists and make sure the right people are notified by email or text message when someone from the list enters your building.

Emergency notifications

Send a text message to all the visitors in your building in just a few seconds. One click and everyone’s informed of what they should do (e.g. evacuate the building).

Our values

Data protection

We know your data is precious. That’s why we do our utmost to keep it safe. It is backed up daily across multiple servers, so you can have access to it even if there’s a hardware issue. It is also yours to keep. You can retrieve all your data at any time.

Integrated approach

We believe that if you want to integrate all your software, you should be able to. That’s why we’ve created an API and webhooks so you can integrate Proxyclick to your access control system, your CRM or any other software you use.

Software as a service

We promise you’ll always have the latest and best version of Proxyclick. And because we listen to you, we continually adapt our solution and add new features to meet your needs.

Quick and easy

We believe in quick and easy setup. Proxyclick is up and running in just a few minutes. And as you set up, we give you tips and pointers so you can customize your tools in no time.


We don’t believe in hidden costs. You choose your plan and pay for what you use. No contract, no setup costs or maintenance fees. You don’t have to worry about any small print; we don’t have any.

We’re in this together

We pride ourselves in having customer support that’s as effective and friendly as our software. We’re here to help and to listen.

How tech is transforming the visitor experience

An article by Proxyclick’s founder published in IFMA’s magazine.

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Experienced by more than 10 million visitors worldwide. See how it works for you

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Experienced by more than 10 million visitors worldwide. See how it works for you

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