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Key features to enhance your employee and visitor experience, secure assets, and streamline operations.

Unlimited usage

Unlimited visitors

No minimum or maximum number of visitors to calculate. We understand that some months might be busier than others.

Unlimited hosts

You can upload your hosts (users) list from an Excel document. There is no cap on the number of users you can upload.

Unlimited kiosks

You don’t want to be caught off-guard during peak times at reception. That’s why we don’t limit the number of kiosks you can set up.

Keep your employees safe*

Employee bookings

Allow employees to book future visits to the workplace.

Employee check-in and check-out

Allow employees to check-in using digital keys, QR codes, location-based, or manually on the Employee logbook.

Remote registration

Minimize the risk of infection with custom health and safety screening questionnaires, and image and video guidelines.

Occupancy controls

Set, monitor and enforce occupancy limits.

Employee emergency list

Include checked-in employees on your location’s Emergency list.

Contact tracing

Enable contact tracing for employees and visitors.

Temperature scanning

Integrate with a temperature scanner as part of the check-in process.

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Enhance your branding

Self check-in and check-out

Fast and easy to use, your visitors can check themselves in and out directly on the kiosk.

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Kiosk branding

You can modify text and add your logo, background image of choice, and button colors that best represent your brand.

Visitor recognition

Your regular, returning visitors will be remembered so they don’t have to do a full check-in each time they visit you.


The self check-in kiosk is currently available in 30+ languages.

Invitation email to visitors

Include your logo, meeting details, map, host details, custom text, a PDF attachment, etc.

Visit reminder

Visitors can receive a text message reminder 2 hours before the scheduled meeting.

Welcome email

Visitors can receive a check-in confirmation with a customizable message including host contact details, a recap of health & safety instructions, the reception phone number, etc.

Improve security

Emergency list

Generate a real-time list of on-site visitors via the Dashboard or the smartphone app.

Emergency text messages

Send a text message to all your on-site visitors at once.

Agreement signing

At check-in, visitors can sign documents digitally and also request a copy. You can only store one document at a time.

Default templates for agreements

We provide you templates for safety instructions and non-disclosure agreements. You also have access to a selection of safety icons.

Agreements validity

You can define a period of validity so returning visitors do not need to sign a new agreement at every visit.

Visitor picture

Visitors take their picture right on the tablet. It can be printed on their badge or sent in the check-in notification to the host.


Choose from 5 badge templates and print them straight from the kiosk using an AirPrint printer. Authenticating visitors will be that much faster.

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Pre-register your visitors from the Dashboard to be able to authorize them ahead of time.

Visits exports

Generate and download XLS exports of your visits data, including your custom fields.

10 visitor fields

Pick the fields you need and add a custom field if needed (e.g., list, free text, yes/no).

Offline mode

Visitors can still check in and be registered even when there is no internet connection.

Kiosk status

Monitor the sync between the Dashboard and the kiosk to ensure the visitors list is up to date.

Increase efficiency

Self check-in and check-out

Visitors check themselves in and out directly on the tablet.

Address book

Easily re-use profiles of previous visitors.

Check-in notifications

Hosts can receive check-in notifications when their visitors arrive. Notifications can be sent via email, text message, desktop, smartphone app, etc.

Deliveries button

Log incoming deliveries from the kiosk and automatically inform their recipients.

Bulk actions

Check in, duplicate, and delete multiple visitors in bulk. Print multiples badges at the same time as well.

Protect visitor data

Visitor consent

Ask for and store visitor consent from the self check-in kiosk.

Don't store profiles

Visitors receive a check-in confirmation with a customizable message. It can include the contact details of their host, a recap of health & safety instructions, the reception phone number or a QR code that can be used as an access pass.

Manual bulk deletion

Delete all visitors of the day at once in order to comply with global privacy regulations.

Granular user rights

Control the level of rights and access of each user. Choose between 6 groups of user rights and 30+ granular rights.

* Employee features are part of Prime until end of May 2021. Subsequent changes will be communicated ahead of time.



Manage more visitors with less effort

Boost internal communication

Reply buttons

Add quick reply buttons to your email notifications.

Assistant notifications

Assign other users to be copied on your check-in notifications.

Manage large volumes of visitors

Bulk import visitors

Import and maintain data from Excel for large groups of up to 300 visitors.

Recurring visits

Set up recurring visits for individuals and groups of all sizes.

Print badges from Dashboard

Print straight from the Dashboard.

Multiple entrances

Let hosts know exactly where their visitors checked in.

Use data to staff your lobby properly mode


Receive real-time analytics and reporting.



Build advanced security and compliance workflows

Authorize visitors using strict policies

Mandatory pre-registration

Impose pre-registration of all visitors from the Dashboard to ensure they’re authorized ahead of time.

Remote registration

Minimize the risk of infection with custom health and safety screening questionnaires, and image and video guidelines.

Touchless check-in

Visitors and contractors do their check-in via a QR code from their phone: no need to touch the iPad.

QR codes

Assign your visitors unique QR codes for access control around your premises. Requires an existing access control integration.

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Visit approval

Add a layer of security and control to your visitor flows by requiring invitations to be approved before they are issued.

ID Match

Authenticate visitor identities straight from the iPad using their government-issued IDs.

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On-site status

Add an extra step to the entry process for visitors for added security checks, or as part of your access control integration.

Image display on kiosk

Use image screens to clearly illustrate Health and Safety procedures or additional security protocol.

Unlimited custom fields

Overview of activities in all locations at once (check-ins, check-outs and hosts comments).

Fully custom badges

Specify details to be printed on visitor badges according to compliance regulations.

Custom check-in flow

Tailor the flow according to the type of visitor, legal requirements, etc.

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ACS integration

Integrate Proxyclick with your Access Control System for turnstiles, etc.

Visit reminder email

Expected visitors receive a reminder before their meeting with details about the visit and a QR code for access.

Print from any printers

Print badges from the kiosk to any printer, via proxy. This is for all non-AirPrint printers.

Better manage and anticipate risk

Watchlists screening

Keep unwanted visitors out by screening them against internal and external watchlists.

Events summary

Receive daily summaries of notable events.

Check-out reminders

Keep emergency lists up to date via check-out reminders.

Absent hosts notifications

Be notified about upcoming visits of absent hosts.

Be fully prepared for audits

Full audit trail

Defend yourself in the case of compliance and insurance-related events with a full history of visits.



Reinforce existing data privacy measures

Automate your data retention period

Automatic data deletion

Set your own custom data retention period in days, months, or years.

Further control accessibility

Confidential visitor display

Visitors will be able to check in without revealing their full names on the iPad.

Advanced privacy rights

Set predefined rights and restrict access to other user profiles as needed.

Private address book

Save your contacts without sharing them to ensure the privacy of your visitors.

Block select sub-processors

Block Gravatar

Prohibit the synchronization of users pictures with Gravatar.



Cut time and energy out of managing deliveries.

Empower your lobby staff

Deliveries list

Reception can use one Dashboard for all deliveries and notifications.

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Quick form

Reception can create new delivery records straight from the Dashboard.

Speed up the communication flow

Reply buttons

Recipients can use quickly reply buttons to communicate with reception.


Reception can send friendly reminders in just one click, for unclaimed deliveries.

Manage large volumes

Grouped deliveries

Use one fast form to send delivery notifications to multiple recipients.

Grouped reminders

Send reminders for unclaimed deliveries to multiple recipients at once.

Multiple delivery areas

Predefine “entrances” so they’re displayed in the Dashboard and delivery notifications

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