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Every feature you need to enhance visitor experience, secure your assets and streamline your front desk.


Kiosk app

Visitors sign themselves in straight from the tablet at your reception. We support iPads and Windows tablets.

Design your identity

Custom Text

E.g. Add "Welcome to MyCompany" on your home screen.

Available in 30+ languages

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (United States and United Kingdom), Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian.

Customize your flow

Self check-in and check-out

Visitors check themselves in and out directly on the tablet.

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Visitor picture

Visitors take a picture right from the tablet. It can be used on their badge or in the check-in notification to the host.

Visitor recognition

If you have regular visitors, the app can remember them. They won't have to do a full check-in each time they come in.

Custom screens

Add screens to your check-in to fit it to your company needs. Screens can include a message, a dead-end, a picture or a question. A question can be a drop-down, a yes/no, date or free text.

Smart rules

Define the flow of screens based on answers to previous questions.

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Agreement signing

Visitors sign digitally during check-in and also request a copy. You can only store one document at a time.

Multiple agreements signing

You can store more than one document and create a smart rule to show the right one to any type of visitor (contractors, clients, interviewees,...). E.g. a Health and Safety agreement to contractors and a NDA for visitors.

Storage integrations

Store agreements like NDAs, that your visitors have signed, in OneDrive, Egnyte, Box, or Google Drive.

Default safety instructions and NDA

We provide you templates for safety instructions and for non-disclosure agreements. You also have access to a selection of safety icons.

QR code check-in and check-out

Use QR codes to fast track check-ins and check-outs. They can be printed on a badge, or scanned from the invitation email.

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Permanent QR codes

Recurring visitors can request permanent QR codes (to be used like access passes).


Log incoming deliveries from the kiosk.

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Offline mode

Visitors can still check in and be registered even if there is no internet connection.

Kiosk status

Monitor the sync between the Dashboard and the kiosk to ensure the visitors list is up to date.


The dashboard is the command center of your visitor management. Accessible from your desktop, it will give you a bird eye on everything happening at reception. 


Real-time visitor list

Know exactly who is on your site or in your building with an live list of checked-in visitors.


Log incoming deliveries from the dashboard.

Register, check in and check out visitors and groups

Bulk actions

Check in, duplicate, delete, reset, upload multiple individual visitors or groups.

Internal communication

Possibility for hosts to communicate with reception via free text or via ready-made answers (e.g. "I will be there in 5 minutes").

Address book

Easily re-use profile of previous visitors.

Customize and filter columns

Make the dashboard your own: customize it with the information you need.


User rights

Control the level of rights and access each users receive. Choose among 6 groups of user rights and 30+ granular rights.

Unlimited users list upload

Upload your users list from an Excel document. There is no cap on the number of users you can upload.


Access to standard graphs with data from visits. They are not downloadable.


10+ languages available

The dashboard is available in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean.

Security and privacy

Securing your premises and complying with industry regulations is easier with a strong visitor management system.

ID Match

Add an extra layer of security by checking if the picture on the ID matches the picture of the visitor.

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Manage your internal watchlist or connect your account to Visual Compliance to check visitors against government-issued watchlists. See how it works!

Access control integration

Combine your access control system with a smart visitor sign-in app for secure and efficient procedures.

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Emergency list

Generate a live list of on-site visitors via the dashboard or the smartphone app.

Emergency text message

Send a text message to all on-site visitors.

Automatic visits deletion

Visits are automatically deleted after a certain period. Helps complying with GDPR and data protection regulations.

Visits exports

Generate and download XLS export of your visits data, including custom fields.


Every notification is customizable, from the channel you receive it from (email, text message, push notifications and more) to the recipient (adding personal assistant, a security agent, or anyone that needs to be in the known).

Invitation email

It can include meeting details, map, host details, custom text, a QR code or a PDF attachment.

Visit reminder

Visitors can receive a text message reminder 2 hours before the meeting.

Check-in notification

Hosts can receive check-in notifications when their visitor arrives and reply to reception. Notifications can be sent via email, text message, desktop, smartphone app.

Quick reply

Hosts can send a quick reply to reception, via pre-written replies or with a custom message.

Welcome email

Visitors receive a check-in confirmation with a customizable message. It can include the contact details of their host, a recap of health & safety instructions, the reception phone number or a QR code that can be used as an access pass.

Check-out notifications and reminder

Hosts can get a notification when their visitors check out. They can also receive a notification if their visitors forget to check out. Notifications are sent by email or by text message (not in free plan).


Print customized badges for each type of visitors, from the printer of your choice. 


Print badges straight from the kiosk, using an AirPrint printer.

Any printer

Print badges straight from the kiosk, using any printer thanks to the Proxyclick print proxy.

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Print badges from the kiosk with a supported Brother printer.

Custom badges

Change the layout of your badge (logo, icons, size, fields) and print different badges for different visitors. Check it out!

Pre-print badges

From the dashboard using any printer.

Conditional printing

Set your own parameters for when to/not to print badges.

Multiple locations

If you have more than one location, you're in the right place. Proxyclick has been built with your needs in mind.

Multiple locations package

All locations gain access to features of highest plan.

Customizable user rights

The rights of a user can differ from one location to another.

Shared user access

Users can access one or more location with one username and password.

Real time overview

Overview of activities in all locations at once (check-ins, check-outs and hosts comments).

Shared watchlist

Share one watchlist across all your existing locations.

Live overview of visitors

Pick a list of locations and view a table with the number of expected, checked-in and checked-out visitors.

Shared user directory

Easy user provisioning on multiple locations.


Easily welcome visitors coming for multiple tenants with automatic hosts notifications and easy communication between hosts and reception.

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We're proud to integrate with the best solutions on the market to provide a great experience to visitors and clients. 


Create your own integration to connect Proxyclick to your internal CRM, your intranet, and more.


Webhooks provide a way for your system to get notified when a visitor checks in or out and when a visit is created, updated or deleted.

Outlook Add-in

Pre-register visitors via our Outlook add-in. See how it works

User Provisioning

Azure AD, G Suite, LDAP, Okta, OneLogin, SCIM.

Single Sign On

Azure AD, Microsoft AD FS, G Suite, Generic SAML, Okta, OneLogin.

Messaging software

Slack, Skype for Business, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams.

Storage apps

OneDrive, Dropbox, Egnyte, Box and Google Drive.


Every visitor who checks-in on Proxyclick will be displayed in Salesforce as an event.

Wi-Fi apps

Cisco Wi-Fi, Aruba Wi-Fi.

Customer success

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Chat support

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