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All features Every feature you need to enhance visitor experience, secure your assets and streamline your front desk.

At a glance

Essential Premium Enterprise


Visitor flows
Powerful dashboard for front desk, security, and admin staff
Unique smart flows for employees and visitors
Advanced security, safety, and privacy
Premium integrations
Customer Success
Enterprise services
Custom terms
Unlimited usage per location
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All features

Essential Premium Enterprise


Unlimited visitors and contractors
Unlimited employees
Unlimited hosts
Unlimited deliveries
Unlimited kiosks supported
Unlimited SMS/ text messages
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Employee booking and check-ins

Proxyclick Proovr: All in one app for employees
Check in using the Dashboard (without app)
Control who can book
Share guidelines using text, images, and videos
Ask questions
Deny access based on custom rules
Open doors using app Additional fees
Personalize messaging
Protect sensitive data
View and manage bookings
Customize booking rules
Capture onsite presence
Contact tracing
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Employee desk booking

Divide your workplace
Flexible workplace capacity management
Book a desk in advance
View workplace floorplan
View occupancy per space
See who sits where
Part of your employee flow
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Visitor experience

Receive custom instructions and reminders before visit
Answer questions ahead of arrival
Touchless check-in for returning and expected visitors
Touchless registration for unexpected visitors
Select from 33+ languages
Check in using the kiosk
Open doors with QR codes Additional fees
Receive personal, time-restricted WiFi credentials Additional fees
Receive custom information by email on check-in
Visitors not linked to a host are flagged to a default recipient
COVID Compliance Additional fees Additional fees
Check in using printed QR codes
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Contractor experience

Personalized safety training
Open doors using QR codes
Time limited QR code
Upload and store documentation and pictures
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Host experience

Easily pre-register visitors
Easily pre-register groups of visitors
Leverage global address book for quick re-entry
Create and manage personal address book
Pre-register visitors directly from any calendar
Pre-register visitors via Microsoft Outlook add-in
Receive check-in notifications
Notify front desk of status
Customize who receives notifications
Receive notifications if visitors are denied entry before a visit
Receive check out notifications
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Assistant Experience

Create visitors for hosts
Receive notifications
Automatically create visits in Proxyclick when booking meeting rooms
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Receptionists and security personnel experience

Monitor visitor and employee check-ins and deliveries in real-time
Dashboard available in 8 languages
Manage large groups of visitors
Manage deliveries
Leverage global address book
Customize logbooks
Perform any operation from the Dashboard
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Global admin experience

Manage and copy settings across locations globally
Manage user provisioning globally
Advanced analytics
Get insights from pre-built graphs
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Advanced security and safety

Create custom fields and questions
Require internal approval before sending invitations to visitors
Mandatory pre-registration
Screen visitors against internal watchlists
Screen visitors against third-party restricted parties lists
Mandatory, manual check at entry
Issue unique QR codes
Only issue QR codes to visitors who comply with pre-registration criteria
Sign legal documents
Customize legal documents based on visitor types
Store signed documents in the cloud
Capture visitor photos
Unique smart flows for employees and visitors
Verify identity against Identification Documents
Integrate with your access control systems Additional fees
Temperature scanning for both employees and visitors
Export employee and visitor logs
Audit trail for historical visitor data
Generate Emergency lists
Ensure accurate data for Emergency list
Collaborate on roll calls during emergencies
Daily summaries of exceptions
Offline mode for the kiosk
Emergency mass text message/ SMS notification
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Privacy and compliance (GDPR, CCPA...)

Obtain consent
Bulk data deletion
Automatic deletion
Hide employee answers
Hide personal contact info from kiosk
Hide names on kiosk
Hide address book to Dashboard users
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Badge printing

Print from anywhere
Print on any printer
Select from 6 customizable templates
Secure your premises with custom badges
Conditional Printing
Custom layouts per visitor type
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Notify employees from the kiosk
Notify employees from the Dashboard
Keep track of deliveries
Send reminders
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User Provisioning and User rights

Upload list of employees
User Provisioning (UP)
User rights
Single Sign On (SSO)
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Messaging platforms
Generic calendar
Outlook Add-in
File Storage
User Provisioning (UP)
Single Sign On (SSO)
Access control systems Additional fees
Salesforce Integration
Wi-Fi credentials Additional fees
Third party restricted lists
Meeting room management
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Support, Customer Success and Enterprise Services

Help Center
Online academy
Industry-leading online support
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Success Packs

Starter Pack ($2,500 USD)
Growth Pack ($5,000 USD)
Enterprise Pack (Contact for Pricing)
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Customizable legal terms or MSA
Request for Proposal (RFP) completion and support
Non-standard security questionnaire
Customizable Service-level agreement (SLA) for support
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