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Touchless check-in for visitors and employees

Keep your people safe with a COVID-19 prevention program.

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visitor using touchless check-in by proxyclick

We understand that returning to work safely is a priority. So with your feedback and concerns in mind, we've developed the new touchless check-in feature to help you do just that without sacrificing efficiency and privacy.

How a touchless check-in works

Remote registration

Screen people ahead of time

Your lobby is not the right place to screen visitors or employees. Do it before they reach your premises with customizable questionnaires to ensure they comply with your health and safety guidelines. Automatically alert hosts if they do not comply.

health and safety visitor screening

Remote registration

Share your safety instructions before arrival

Ensure employees and visitors are fully aware of new health and safety rules and regulations, by presenting guidelines using images or mandatory videos. 

safety instructions prior visit

COVID Compliance

Comply with COVID vaccine mandates

Centralize the vaccine certificates or test results of employees and visitors, and configure access credentials based on their vaccination or COVID-safe status.

Works with EU Digital COVID Certificates and alternative proof of vaccination. ​



Keep your employees and visitors safe


Grant access with a QR code

Integrate with your access control system to enable screened employees and visitors to enter your premises with a QR code. You can also use a QR code to grant access via unmanned check-in tablets.

Combine with destination dispatch to get your visitors to their meetings without touching anything.


Visitor using Proxyclick touchless check-in registration

Touchless check-in for unexpected visitors

Stay flexible and safe

Provide a safe, efficient, and easy check-in experience for unexpected visitors (also known as "walk-ins").

Visitors scan a QR code on the Welcome screen using their phones and are taken through the check-in flow.


Temperature scanning

Limit health risks

Cut the risk of anyone ill getting past your lobby by taking their temperature, and refusing access if they have a temperature.
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Temp scan

Make hosts accountable

Give hosts full responsibility for who is allowed on your premises to minimize unexpected visitors and strengthen health and safety protocols.


Respect employee and visitors' data

Don’t sacrifice your data privacy policy to keep your workplace safe. Ensure all sensitive and health-related data is automatically deleted when it's no longer needed.

selector for data retention period

Don’t compromise on security

Go touchless without making any trade-offs. Proxyclick’s security features remain fully operational, for your peace of mind. These include watchlists, emergency messaging, ID Match, and access control integrations. 

proxyclick security features


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