Product updates

Here you'll find news about our latest releases: new features, improvements and bug fixes.

October product update video

Highlights from the past releases


Release 8.0 (Dashboard)

Oct 13, 2020

New feature

  • Proxyclick for Employees beta. Our new offer provides the visibility and control you need to support your employees' safe return to the workplace. This beta release includes an employee-specific check-in (and check-out) flow and digital keys for access to multiple locations. If you need to contact people at a specific location, the real-time Emergency List now includes all checked in employees, alongside visitors. You can find more information about how to join the free beta program in the Help Center.
    employee check-in


Release 3.0 (Kiosk)

Oct 6, 2020

New feature

  • Employee Check-in. Project a dynamic QR code on the Kiosk Welcome screen to support employee check-in via the Proxyclick Proovr app. See Release 8 (Dashboard) above for more details.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • iPadOS updates compatibility. After upgrading to iPadOS 13.7 or later, some UI elements in Kiosk behaved unexpectedly. This has been corrected.
  • Chinese Welcome screen. In some cases, the Welcome screen displayed in English when the default language was set to Chinese. This has been fixed.

Release 7.15 (Dashboard)

Oct 2, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Wi-Fi integration. The Wi-Fi integration now supports mapping multiple locations to a single network. This enables corporate set ups where a global unified network is defined.
  • Australia & New Zealand check-ins. A bug was causing some check-ins and Kiosk synchronizations for customers in the Australia & New Zealand time zone to not work. This has been resolved.

Release 7.14 (Dashboard) 

Sep 18, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Custom fields. Question formulation can be edited in the custom flow editor in the remote registration settings menu.
    question field
  • QR code. In some cases, the QR code shared with visitors who completed remote registration did not work. This has been fixed.


Release 2.12.4 (Kiosk)

Sep 17, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • QR code scanning. Previously, scanning an incorrect QR code could cause the solution to crash. This has been fixed.

September product update video

Highlights from the past releases


Release 7.12 (Dashboard)

Aug 24, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Custom fields. A new option removes potential confusion for hosts by allowing admin users to remove custom fields that are not relevant to hosts from their view. For example, questions aimed at visitors as part of Remote registration or kiosk check-in, which hosts may otherwise think are aimed at them. You can find more information in the Help Center.
  • Badge printing. Anyone who uses monochrome printers will benefit from sharper, better-looking badges as all icons are now available in black and white.
  • Mandatory email option. To help enforce health and safety policies, it is now possible to make an email address mandatory for any visit created through the Dashboard.
  • Recurring visits. To improve security, admin users can now determine which user groups are able to create recurring visits.
  • Custom field naming. Custom fields which relate to questions now have a separate question formulation element. This means the title of these custom fields no longer has to mirror the question, resulting in more concise profiles and visit detail panels.
  • iCal downloads. A bug which caused issues for some visitors downloading iCal after completing Remote registration has been fixed.

Release 2.12.1 (Kiosk)

Aug 4, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Agreements. Fixed an issue which meant some visitors were being asked to sign an agreement they had already signed in advance.
  • QR code scanning. Fixed an issue that caused some Multi-tenant kiosks to crash when invalid QR codes were scanned.

Release 7.11 (Dashboard)

Jul 27, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Selecting dates. Fixed an issue where the date selector (e.g. in the visit creation form) sometimes highlighted a different date than the one selected by the user.
  • Preferred language set up. Fixed an issue which meant the user's preferred language set up in Azure User Provisioning was not correctly reflected in Dashboard.
  • Badge printing. In some cases, visitor badges wouldn't automatically print upon check-in when 'auto-print' was enabled. This has been fixed.
  • Service Desk. User rights related to Service Desk are now only displayed when Service Desk is active on the location. Previously it was shown at all times.

Release 7.10 (Dashboard)

Jul 7, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Welcome screen. We have created a cleaner welcome screen for visitors by removing the option to add borders for secondary buttons. This change was made in line with the Kiosk 2.12.0 update and supports the Touchless Check-in feature. Adding borders to secondary buttons with the feature enabled had led to cluttered welcome screens due to the space taken up by the QR code scanner.
  • Check-in/ out notifications. When configuring the email recipients for check-in notifications, check-out notifications, and check-out reminders, users will no longer find the 'Additional recipients' checkbox below 'Host' and 'Assistant'. Additional recipients for these notifications are defined in two places in the application:

    1. In the 'New visit' form, for an individual visit
    New visit

    2. In the user profile, for an individual user but across visits
    User profile

  • Remote registration. Previously, visitors would get blocked during a remote registration flow when a broken transition was present in the custom screen editor. We added a check in Dashboard to prevent users from saving broken transitions to solve the issue.
  • Visual Compliance trial. Fixed a bug that prevented some users from starting a trial for the Visual Compliance integration.

Release 2.12.0 (Kiosk)

Jun 26, 2020

New features

  • Touchless Check-in. Enable your visitors to check in and out of your location without having to touch the Kiosk device, by scanning personal QR codes. This new feature improves health and safety and, in combination with Remote registration, ensures access is only granted to expected visitors that have successfully completed their screening questionnaire. You can find more information in the Help Center.
  • Traditional Chinese (zh-Hant) has been added as an interface language option, bringing the number of supported languages to 33.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Incorrect check-in times. Fixed an issue where incorrect check-in times were displayed in Dashboard for visitors checking in via the Kiosk.
  • Watchlist alerts. Dashboard alerts for a watchlist match now contain the visitor photo taken during the Kiosk check-in which triggered the alert.

Release 7.9 (Dashboard)

Jun 23, 2020

New features

  • Visit reminder email. A new custom email notification, which is sent to expected visitors 4 hours before their visit. This new feature ensures visitors have easy access to all information relevant to the visit on arrival, including their QR code. It is especially helpful for flows that rely on scanning a QR code to grant access. You can find more information in the Help Center.

Visit reminder email


Release 2.11.7 (Kiosk)

Jun 16, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Log file size. Log files generated by Kiosk now have a maximum file size, reducing the likelihood of timeout while transferring these files.
  • Watchlist alerts. Watchlist alerts now show the visitor's most recent photo. For example, the one taken during the check-in that triggered the alert.
  • Cache entries. The amount of time data is retained in the Kiosk's cache has been increased from 1 to 30 days. This minimizes the risk of data loss should the network connection fail during the daily sync routine.

Release 7.8.1 (Dashboard)

Jun 10, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Internet Explorer 11(IE11). Solved compatibility issues with IE11 related to the release of Dashboard 7.8.

Release 7.8 (Dashboard)

Jun 10, 2020

New features

  • Improved data privacy for users. Proxyclick now asks users for confirmation before they are added to a new location. This feature provides users with more control over who is able to view profile data.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Auto-check-out. A new option allows for visitors to be automatically checked out in bulk at a specific time, if they do not check themselves out. Previously the feature only allowed for visitors to be automatically checked out individually, a certain number of hours after their meeting.

API 7.7.1

May 25, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • SMS reminders. In some cases, visitors did not receive an SMS reminder of their visit when the option had been selected by the host. This has been fixed.

Release 7.7 (Dashboard)

May 20, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Entrance names in the logbook. Entrance names that were added via the Kiosk app were not showing up in the logbook. This has been fixed.
  • Wi-Fi integration for trial users. Previously the Wi-Fi integration settings page would not load for users with a trial version. This has been fixed.
  • Custom field configurations. Previously changes made to custom field configurations would not always be sent to the Kiosk. This has been fixed.
  • Deliveries registered via Windows version of Kiosk. Previously deliveries registered from the Windows version of Kiosk were incorrectly labeled. All deliveries registered from Kiosks (both iPadOS and Windows) are now labeled "created from the Kiosk app".

Integrations & apps 7.7

May 20, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Diacritical characters. Outlook add-in now supports diacritical characters (such as é, è, and ô) in custom fields.
  • Removing visitors using Outlook. Removing a visitor in Outlook from a visit that was created in the add-in was not functioning correctly. This has been fixed.
  • SCIM installation. A bug relating to the installation of the generic SCIM has been fixed.

Release 7.6.1 (Dashboard)

Apr 23, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Adding a new screen to a custom flow. When adding a new screen to a custom flow on Kiosk, users had to click 'save' two times before seeing the updated flow. Now a single click is enough.

Release 2.11.4 (iPad)

April 20, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • More streamlined check-in flow for unexpected visitors. Option to exclude screens as part of the check-in process when no additional information is requested beyond what is already in the visitor address book.

Kiosk 2.11.4 a

  • Updated imagery for startup sequence. Synchronization with online database is now represented on the loading screen.

Kiosk 2.11.4 b

  • Improved date formatting on visitor badges. Date formating on printed visitor badges is now consistent with company settings in the web app.
  • iPad Pro photo cropping. Visitor photos taken on an iPad Pro are no longer cropped in the summary screen.
  • Improved reliability of offline mode.

Release 7.6 (Dashboard)

Apr 16, 2020

New features

Visitor badges can be downloaded as PDFs from the logbook or visitor profile. Dashboard users can download visitor badges as a PDF and print on any office printer using the existing printer setup. This feature is a fallback option for situations where printing a badge directly from the Dashboard is not possible. For example, on devices running macOS, or when there are issues with a printer.

Dashboard 7.6

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved wording on visitor badges. If "Last day of recurrence" is selected as a variable to be printed on a badge, visitors with a recurring visit scheme that has no end date will receive a badge that reads "No end date". Previously it read "Recurrence_End_Date".
  • Conditional printing. Prior to this fix, users could not remove the only remaining condition for conditional printing and an error message was displayed even after the error was remedied.
  • Uploading visitors via spreadsheet. Fixed an issue which meant email addresses with spaces on each end would fail to upload. For example, " ".
  • SMS reminder. When a mobile number is deleted from a visitor's details, "Schedule a SMS reminder" is automatically removed.
  • Entrance name for upcoming visits. Exported reports no longer mistakenly show an entrance name for upcoming visits.
  • Variables dropdown menu. Fixed a visual bug which caused the variables dropdown menu to not render properly when selected in the check-in notification.
  • Check-in notification editor. Fixed a bug which meant the list of available variables in the check-in notification editor was incorrect the first time it was opened.

Integrations & apps 7.6

Apr 16, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Skype integration. In Dashboard, the Skype "Connect" button was unresponsive. This has been fixed.
  • Calendar integration. In the Dashboard's settings for calendar integration users can enter email addresses which do not create visits when included in a calendar invite, for example, meeting rooms. These email addresses were previously case sensitive, this is fixed.

Release 7.5.5 (Dashboard)

Mar 31, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • London Timezone. It was previously not possible to edit visits in the London Timezone. This has been fixed.

Release 7.5.2 (Dashboard)

Mar 20, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Trial ending message. Certain users continued to see a 'Trail ending countdown', despite having subscribed to Proxyclick. This has been fixed.

Release 2.11.3 (iPad)

Mar 18, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved synchronization between Kiosk and Dashboard under strenuous network conditions. This is of particular interest to businesses with Kiosks at industrial sites or underground facilities.
  • Significantly reduced the number and size of data transfers. This is of particular interest to businesses using cellular connections.
  • Photos for returning visitors. Returning visitors were not being asked to take a new photo each time they checked in regardless of whether or not that option had been selected. This has been fixed.

Integrations & apps 7.5

Mar 15, 2020

New features

Wi-Fi integration is part of the Dashboard settings menu. Wi-Fi integration is now easy to set-up and customize directly from the settings menu. You can quickly provide an extra layer of network security, a custom username and password and a more efficient and comfortable check-in experience for your visitors. You can find more information in the Help Center.

Integrations & apps 7.5


Release 2.11.2 (iPad)

Feb 19, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved reliability of offline mode.

Release 2.11.1 (iPad)

Jan 24, 2020

Improvements and bug fixes

  • App version and status. The latter had disappeared from Dashboard following release 2.11. They have been added back in.

Release 2.11 (iPad)

Jan 17, 2020

New feature

  • Skip if prefilled. Returning and pre-registered visitors have often already shared some details with Proxyclick. This optional new feature, lets you skip screens containing this prefilled information as part of the check-in process. It increases efficiency and can play an important role in implementing a "touchless" check-in process. The latter is particularly interesting in a COVID-19 context. You can find more information in the Help Center.


Release 2.10 (iPad)

Dec 2nd, 2019

New features 

2.10 conditional printing


Release 7.4 (Dashboard)

Nov 25th, 2019

New features 

  • New API endpoint for integrations. We now provide an endpoint to search for a visitor using an email address in the (private + shared) address book. This will be useful for developers when they need to return a specific visitor while building integrations with Proxyclick.



  • We improved the readability of the QR code in the email (i.e. increased size, reduced margins for dark mode). 

7.4 qr


  • Group invitation email. We now activate the invitation email by default when creating a group (if at least 1 member has an email address). We also show how many members will receive the invitation. Of course, you can always deselect the option. 

7.4 group checkin


  • We darkened the default avatar on the badge when printed from Dashboard.

7.4 darker avatar

Release 7.3 (Dashboard)

Oct 28th, 2019


  • More auto check-out options. We added shorter auto check-out options by popular demand.

7.3 short check out time

  • Japanese has been added as a Dashboard language.

7.3 japanese dashboard (1)

  • Emails in Danish. Emails to visitors are now available in Danish.
  • Host picture. It is now possible to remove a picture from a host profile.

7.3 remove pic

  • Error message. A specific message is now displayed if someone tries to delete the default recipient of the location, which is not an allowed action.

Release 2.9 (iPad)

Oct 2nd, 2019

New features

  • Multi-tenant search field. Visitors can now search by tenant name (on top of logo buttons) which is useful in buildings that host many companies. You can also customize the text on the multi tenant Welcome screen for a tailored experience.



  • It is now possible to display visitor and host names after entering 2 characters (instead of 3), which can be useful in certain geographies (especially in China). Please contact us if you’re interested.

Release 7.2 (Dashboard)

Sept 16th, 2019


  • Watchlist matches are now visible directly in the logbook (on top of email and text messages). Check our Help Center for more info.


  • Outlook Add-In now supports SSO (Single Sign On), facilitating Enterprise deployments.
  • Custom user synchronization now runs asynchronously, allowing for larger and more sophisticated synchronizations to be set up.

Release 2.8.1 (iPad)

July 29th, 2019

New features

  • It is now possible to print via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on Brother printers, leading to higher quality badges. Check our Help Center to see how to switch between Airprint to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.



Release 2.8 (iPad)

July 29th, 2019


  • Serbian has been added, bringing the number of supported languages to 32.

Release 7.1 (Dashboard)

July 20th, 2019

New features

ID Match


  • We improved the agreement feature, and more specifically the rules that define when an agreement (NDA) needs to be shown in the logbook and the exports.

Release 7.0 (Dashboard)

July 1st, 2019


New features

  • Deliveries. You can now manage deliveries via the Dashboard: inform recipients, send reminders, send custom notes. All from one quick and easy interface.


deliveries-microsoft teams



  • Entrances. In case you have many entrances in your building, you can specify to your users where exactly they need to pick up their visitors or delivery. This feature already existed, but we improved it and made it more visible.


  • Some characters (in Chinese or German for example) were not correctly displayed in invitation emails. This has been fixed.
  • Chinese characters are now supported when printing badges.

Release 2.7.0 (iPad)

June 11, 2019

New features

  • Queue icon. The offline mode has been improved and now shows when visitors are queued on the iPad (e.g., when there is a poor connection). This information is very useful to understand and fix synchronization issues between the iPad and the Dashboard.


Improvements and fixes

  • Badge quality has been improved (margins, picture quality, and fonts).
  • When the option "Display partial name of visitor (privacy)" is selected, surnames are now sorted alphabetically (easier to scroll).
  • Text in Hungarian, Korean, Russian and Ukrainian was not always correctly displayed. This has been fixed.
  • Puerto Rico: Country Code has been corrected on the mobile phone screen (it used to get mixed up with US +1 code).
  • Agreements / NDA came up blank if too many images/custom fields were added. This has been fixed.

Release 2.6.2 (iPad)

Apr 1, 2019

New features

  • Six new languages have been added to the kiosk: Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Latvian, Russian, Ukrainian. Total number of languages now supported: 32.

2.6.2 language



  • The imperial system is now displayed when American English is selected (e.g. inches instead of cm when asking to position QR code in front of camera).

  • The print area now better matches the print area of the badge when printed from Dashboard (there was a slight difference).


Bug fixes

  • The app could crash when selecting Thai or Arabic language. This has been fixed.
  • The app could crash when searching for very specific letter combinations in visitor selection screen. This has been fixed.

Release 6.8 (Dashboard)

Apr 1, 2019

New features

  • Real-Time overview. Real-time overview allows you to monitor the most recent activities happening across all your locations, from one single page. This is especially useful for global admins and receptionists of multi-tenant buildings. Learn more

6.8 real-time dashboard


  • Proxyclick Academy. There is now a library of video tutorials available for you to get up and running smoothly, or for when you need to quickly brush up on settings and features. Check it out

6.8 Academy


  • Chinese has been added as a Dashboard language to help Chinese guards and receptionists manage visitors more easily.

6.8 chinese



  • We removed the “Hospitality tips” that were displayed to hosts. Many users, including ourselves, found them a bit patronizing.

6.8 hospitality tips


  • We made the Group filter wider on the Logbook, so receptionists can better identify the large groups of the day.

6.8 group filter


  • Privacy: it is now possible to define retention periods larger than 999 days.


Bug fixes

  • Badge. When printed from the Dashboard, the visitor picture was not always well-centered. This has been fixed.
  • It was not possible to edit the language of a member of a group visit. This has been fixed.
  • It was not possible to edit an agreement using IE 11. This has been fixed.

Releases 2.5.3 to 2.6.1 (iPad)

Jan - Mar 2019

Bug fixes

  • Agreements were not correctly generated when On-site status was activated on the iPad. This has been fixed.
  • Confidential visitor dropdown: both your returning or expected visitors can now recognize their profile on the iPad without revealing their full names.
  • Visitor picture was too wide in some custom badges. This has been fixed.
  • End time printed on badge was not correct for expected recurring visitors. This has been fixed.
  • Blank badges were printed when specific aspect ratios (width/length) were used. This has been fixed.

Release 6.7 (Dashboard)

Feb 25, 2019


New features

  • On-site status. “On-site” is an optional visitor status that sits between “Expected” and “Checked-in,” and allows you to implement an extra step in the entry process for your visitors. This can be useful if you perform added security checks, operate a large campus, or integrate with your access control system. More information on our Help Center.



  • Confidential visitor dropdown. Both your returning or expected visitors can now recognize their profile on the iPad without revealing their full names. You can activate this setting in Settings > Configure Kiosk > Visitor identification.

confidential_visitor (1)


  • Additional resources for users. Three links have been added to the user profile:

    • Easy access to the Privacy policy, as recommended by privacy regulations

    • Updates (leading to this page) so you can activate new features and improvements that matter to you

    • System status where you can see real time subscribe to notifications in case of incidents



  • Google Drive integration. You can now store your signed agreements in Google Drive.
  • Cisco Webex integration. Your hosts can now receive check-in notifications on Cisco Webex.



  • Multi-location user provisioning. Global admins can now automate user provisioning across locations from one central place. Users can be provisioned based on rules that leverage the attributes from your Directory (such as City or Language).

Screenshot 2019-02-22 at 14.34.08


  • User provisioning: additional attributes. In addition to the user name and email address, you can now also synchronize the user mobile number, direct phone, function, and language.


  • Custom fields in agreements. You can now add custom fields in the signed agreement. This is useful if you need to include any information the visitor just entered (e.g., passport number).

Screenshot 2019-02-22 at 14.42.48


  • Redesign of agreement settings. Your agreement is now listed in a table format for a better overview. Edition and configuration of an agreement are now on two separate pages for clarity and ease of use.
  • Shorter process to sign agreement in advance. The process that visitors go through in signing agreements in advance has been shortened to encourage your visitors to take advantage of this feature, and reduce check-in time in the lobby.

  • Location overview. Clicking on a location from the location overview will open it in a separate window so you can work in both windows in parallel.

Bug fixes

  • Some users received a copy of the email when they clicked on reply buttons such as “I’ll be there in 5 minutes”. This has been fixed.

  • Pictures of visitors were not correctly cropped when printed from Dashboard. This has been fixed.

Release 6.6 (Dashboard)

Jan 21, 2019 


New features

  • Integrations. Proxyclick now officially supports SSO and User Provisioning for Google Suite. Visit the Marketplace to initiate the integrations.

6.6 gsuite


  • Integrations - User Provisioning (LDAP). In the LDAP settings page, we now display the status of the integration (last sync, etc.) to give you more control and knowledge about your LDAP status.

6.6 ldap


  • Security email. Admins can now be alerted when a user with future visits gets deleted. The admin can then decide what to do with the visits (i.e., re-assign them, delete them, etc.). Admins can activate this alert in their profile.




  • iPad. The secondary buttons (delivery, languages, check-out) can now be made more visible by applying a border around them. This setting can be found in Settings > Visits > Configure Kiosk > Layout.

6.6 ipad


  • Quality check for groups. Visitors from Excel uploads are now checked against the address book to avoid duplicates. This was previously only applied to visitors entered manually.

6.6 new group


  • Settings > Notifications. Notifications are now clearly grouped as visitor notifications vs. host notifications for more clarity.

6.6 notif


  • Settings > Text and translations. We’ve moved the iPad text editing and translating functions to the left sidebar to make it more accessible.

6.6 translation


  • Setting > User Management > Add users. When SSO or User Provisioning is activated, the corresponding integrations are now displayed at the bottom.

6.6 add users


  • Skype for Business. The Skype for Business integration requires a periodic refresh of the authentication token. An automatic email has been added to remind admins to refresh token.



Bug fixes

  • Long emergency lists were not printing correctly in IE 11. This has been fixed.

  • The print check box was always displayed in the visitor group form, even when no printer had been connected to Proxyclick by the user. This has been fixed.

Release 2.5.2 (iPad)

Jan 17, 2019

This version contains the following improvements and fixes:

  • App now supports the resolution of the latest iPad Pro version.
  • Custom fields reverted back to default value in specific cases. This has been fixed.

Release 6.5 (Dashboard)

Dec 3rd, 2018

New features

6.5 visual compliance

  • Internal watchlist. You can now adjust the number of false positives by choosing between 2 matching methods (standard vs. narrow), see new help article.


  • Mandatory pictures. You can now make pictures mandatory at every visit, even for returning visitors.

6.5 pictures

  • 2-Letter Name Recognition. It is now possible to be recognized during your iPad check-in based on typing 2 letters instead of the standard 3 (e.g. locations in China). Please ask support to change that setting for you (Enterprise plan).



  • Logbook. The number of visitors per group is now shown in the filter, thereby helping receptionists to better anticipate their day.
  • Agreements. The company of the visitor has been added to the Agreement file name, as some legal teams need to search by company name in their folder. Example:
    Agreement_20180907_Proxyclick_Brussels_Cecil_Sopiro_Sunfix.pdf instead of

  • Settings. We redesigned the watchlist pages (e.g. settings, new watchlist, new record, global watchlist selection, edit pages) to make them easier to manage.

6.5 watch lists

  • Settings. We introduced individual settings pages for SSO and User Provisioning integrations. Now you’ll only see the parameters required by your Identity provider. We also use the specific terminology of the different providers. This makes installation and configuration easier (shown below: differences between Azure AD and Okta settings for SSO).

6.5 sso

  • Settings. The settings menu is now "floating," meaning you’ll see it even when you scroll to the end of the page.

6.5 menu


Bug fixes

  • Some Agreements (NDAs) were not uploaded to Box. This has been fixed. All agreements were queued so none should be lost.

  • Bulk upload of users was failing if language was in uppercase. Language can now be in both lower or uppercase.

  • Exports were not showing the right status when the start date had been changed (very rare occurrence). This has been fixed.

  • Exports. Visit date was sometimes merged into location column (for recurring visits). This visual bug has been fixed.

  • The comments (eg "I’ll be there in 5 minutes") were in some cases only showing after a refresh (instead of real-time). This has been fixed.


Release 2.5.0 (iPad app)

Nov 28th, 2018

New features and improvements

  • A first name - last name switch has been introduced to allow visitors to easily correct a wrong entry.

2.5.0 first name last name

  • Lighter and clearer icons have been introduced on the welcome screen.

2.5.0 welcome_kiosk

  • In order to increase check-in speed, a timer has been added on the check-in button in the summary screen.

2.5.0 - timer

  • If prefilled, custom fields now show the selected value at the top (faster check-in).

  • Optional fields are indicated as such on visitor fields screen.

  • Parsing of names has been improved: middle name is now added to first name instead of being ignored.


Bug fixes

  • Summary screen was not correctly updated in case of an edit. This visual bug has been fixed.

  • End date on badge (if selected) was not always correct. This has been fixed.

Calendar Release

Nov 6th, 2018

The new version of the calendar integration contains the following improvements:

  1. Hosts can now add “meeting@proxyclick” to an existing meeting, not only to new ones.

  2. Calendar integration works with recurring meetings,

  3. We replaced the generic error message ‘“there was an error” with more helpful error messages (e.g. “We could not create the visit because it is in the past. Please create a visit in the future”).

Improvements are both for Outlook add-in and generic integrations.

Release 2.4.0 (iPad app)

Oct 31th, 2018

This release contains the Beta version of ID Match (see Help Article here).

It also fixes a bug that prevented the NDA from displaying in some cases (dropdown conditions).

Release 2.3.4 (iPad app)

Oct 3rd, 2018

New features and improvements

  • Redesigned multi-tenant screen for better usability and aesthetics. Specific layout for 2, 3, 4, 5 logos (centered); larger font when there is no logo (better readability); nicer boxes for tenants (more padding between boxes, rounded angles).


  • Improvement of the mobile phone capture screen. Clearer screen and larger font.

Bug fixes

  • Custom fields that were not displayed on the iPad, but were still used in badge or agreements conditions, were not updated correctly in specific scenarios. This has been fixed.

  • New hosts added on Dashboard were not always updating real-time on the iPad. This has been fixed.

  • Check-out time on Badge when printing from iPad was always set to 1 hour after check-in. This has been fixed.