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How Proxyclick makes it work


Returning to the office in a safe and secure way.

Reinforce your health & safety procedures

Secure your location with health screening and protect sensitive data

Pre-screen employees, contractors, and visitors for symptoms, and share guidelines ahead of time to minimize the risk of infection. Create customizable check-in flows that can be adapted instantly to reflect changing rules.

Proxyclick has a full ISAE 3000 Type I Privacy Attestation, so you can go touchless while complying with international regulations.

Learn more about our COVID-19 features.


Know who’s coming, who’s there, and who was there

Protect your people and intellectual property with extra layers of security right from the start.

Pre approve visits before they arrive

Have the ability to review, approve or deny visitors that are immediately invited. Now, a user has approval rights to accept or deny the request and determines if an invitation is sent.

Decide whether or not unexpected visitors can check in on the kiosk. This way you can require them to present themselves at the front desk.


Emergency list and real-time visibility

Generate a list of everyone on-site using the Emergency list feature, and send them all a text message in case of emergency. 

This feature is mandatory in many territories and supports a safe and auditable process.


Watchlists for your location

Check people within your industry and internal watchlist to ensure they are allowed entry and have met the appropriate criteria. 

Discreet automatic alerts are immediately sent if someone pops up on the watchlist ensuring your building is safe and secure. 


Protect your people and data

Protect your people and intellectual property with regulatory-compliant checks of your visitor and contractor credentials.

Knowing exactly who's on your premises your company can prove regulatory compliance every time.

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Integrate with your existing tools and infrastructure

Add an extra security layer to your current processes, and customize access based on individual needs.

Integrate with your access control system

Combine your access control system with Proxyclick for a secure and efficient process. 

Provide unique QR codes for smooth check-ins and access to designated areas of your premises.

Access control integrations
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