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Access control system integration The easy way to open your doors

Sync visitor and employee details with your access control system and provide a modern, safe, and efficient solution for employees and visitor sign-in.

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Proxyclick integrates with

How Proxyclick's access control integration works


Protect your people and places

Leverage your existing doors for visitors and employees by syncing profiles with your access control system.

Customize access levels and keep track of who visited, when, and who they met.

Increase security

Save time and cut costs

Automate the end-to-end process, from adding profiles to managing access permissions and deleting data.

Conditional-based access with digital QR codes or RFID cards offers you more flexibility and cost-savings opportunities for managing visitor entry.


New Access Card Manager

Comply with health and safety regulations

Replace face-to-face interactions with unmanned front desks and touchless check-in flows, and avoid sharing temporary badges.

Enforce occupancy limits, and implement contact tracing.



Health and safety capabilities
Contact Tracing (1)

Easily manage multi-tenant locations

Simplify complexity and manage multiple tenants and set-ups from a single platform.

Let tenants customize their own employee and visitor flows if needed.

Multi-tenant solutions

Get started in no time

Enjoy a smooth and straightforward deployment with our access control team.

Rely on our expertise and 24/7 support to implement the perfect flow for your company.

How deployment works
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Access control integration FAQ

Which access control systems does Proxyclick integrate with?

Proxyclick visitor management integrates with all major access control systems like Brivo, C-Cure, CEM's AC2000, Genea, Genetec's Security Center, Lenel's OnGuard, Nedap's AEOS, Openpath, Paxton's Net2, and S2 Netbox. 


The full list of access control integrations we currently work with can be found here. If you can't see your system, please get in touch and we can discuss adding it. 

I can't see my system on your list. Can I still integrate Proxyclick with it?

We have a roadmap for adding new access control systems, so we'd love to hear what system you have. You can contact us via a discovery call or via the "contact us" at the bottom of the page. 

I work for an access control system company. How do I partner with Proxyclick?

We're always looking for new partners! Visit this page to know more about our Partners Programme, or apply here directly.

Do I need to use a QR code to use Proxyclick's access control software?

No. For most buildings QR codes are the best option, but our software can also integrate with physical tokens and fobs.

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