Access control integration with visitor management

Combine your access control system with a smart visitor and employee sign-in app for secure and efficient procedures


We integrate with


Seamless integration

Say goodbye to manually updating two platforms and let Proxyclick sync your visitor details with your access control system

Enhanced employee and visitor access

Wow people with a QR code in their meeting invitation email, or digital key, that serves as their access pass, delivered straight to their inbox

Customizable workflows

Have flexibility in your workflow—choose to grant access to your employees and visitors right away, or only once they've checked in at the kiosk 

Fast check-in

Share access pass via email

You have the option to share a QR code with your visitors in their invitation email. This QR code can be used to check in faster and/or as an access pass to your premises. Your visitors’ access rights are also programmed around their meeting: outside of this time, their permissions are restricted to prevent unauthorized entry.
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Track visitors and employees on premises

With our integration, your access control system will log visitor movements around the building. Your security team will be able to spot unexpected events and get insight into peoples’ locations, helping ensure your site security stays at a high level.


Give the right level of access to each person

Grant access to your employees, visitors, and contractors directly from Proxyclick when they check in. Visitors can use your existing access passes, or a combination of QR codes and passes - just add the pass to the visitors profile and we’ll take care of the rest. Use our printing options with your branding to add the personal touch.

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Access Control Integration FAQ

Which Access Control System do you integrate with?

All the ACS we currently work with are listed on our MarketplaceIf you can't see your system, please email us to submit it. 

I can't see my current system on your list. Can I still integrate Proxyclick with it?

We have a roadmap for adding new Access Control Systems, so we'd love to hear what system you have. Fill in the form above to hear back from our team. 

I work for an Access Control System company and we'd like to partner with Proxyclick. How can I do it?

We're always looking for new partners! Visit this page to know more about our Partners Programme, or apply here directly.