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The Brooklyn Navy Yard (the Yard) is a 300-acre industrial park that has become the City of New York’s home of urban manufacturing. It supports a vibrant community where manufacturing, design and technology companies and entrepreneurship can grow.

Today, the Yard welcomes thousands of visitors per day, and expects to see significant growth including an additional 10,000 employees in the next five years.

With such growth projected, there is higher pressure on security at the front gates and bigger expectations for creating consistently welcoming experiences for visitors and employees.

The hidden costs of a self-hosted solution

With hundreds of tenants and such a high volume of people coming in and out every day, it’s important for the Yard to strike the balance between effective security and a welcoming visitor experience.

The Yard started with an internally hosted, web portal to manage their visitor experience. But Marc A. Cecere, Director of Applications, quickly found that their internally built solution had some limitations. “The system was not user-friendly, so most tenants weren’t pre-registering their visitors which caused long lines and traffic at the security gates,” explains Marc. “Visitor lists weren’t updated in real-time because the solution wasn’t hosted on the cloud. Security checks still had to be done manually by checking IDs against a printed watch list, which slowed down the check-in process.” 

Marc also knew that their solution would not be able to handle the projected increase in visitors at the gates. Plus, the cost of maintenance and support was already too high.

Before we had Proxyclick, our previous system was slow. It was tedious for tenants to register visitors so we would have cars backed up all the way to Flushing Ave.

Marc A. Cecere, Director of Applications


Proxyclick BNYDC - 0033 - 1A701464 - © MORREC

Why Proxyclick? 

Marc started looking for a customizable solution that would fit the Yard’s needs of today and would adapt to future changes in their visitor management and security processes. The solution also needed to work hand in hand with their existing access control system, S2 Netbox by S2 Security, installed at the seven multi-lane entry points across the Yard.

“It was important for us to select a solution that is easy to use so tenants would actually pre-register their visitors and security staff could work more efficiently,” said Marc. “But the most important for me was to find a visitor management software that fits seamlessly, without delays and errors with S2, our access control system.”

Proxyclick integrates with the Yard’s access control system, allowing pre-registered visitors to scan the QR code from their invitation email at the entrances to open the entrance barriers. This system means the amount of hands-on work is minimal, so security staff is only needed for visitors that don’t have an invitation. Usage of the S2 system also notifies Proxyclick hosts of the visitor arriving, keeping everyone in the loop.  

“Proxyclick was the most customizable and impressive solution on the market, and the perfect complement to our on-premise access control system”

Marc A. Cecere, Director of Applications

Providing an integrated visitor experience through the 300 acre Yard

Today, eight months after deployment, Proxyclick manages the visitor access for all of the drive-through gates, pedestrian scanners, shuttle buses, front desks, and turnstiles, providing a consistent experience so that it doesn’t matter how visitors choose to enter the Yard. The overall solution provides the ultimate balance between a convenient check-in process and a high standard of security.

Drive through gates and pedestrian scanners

Visitors can drive or walk through one of seven gates where QR code scanners are connected to the S2 access control system. When visitors scan the QR code from their invitation email, they’re automatically checked against the watchlist feature in Proxyclick and their badge is printed. All security staff throughout the Yard will be notified when someone on the watch list tries to enter. Security guards are equipped with Proxyclick on iPads to check any unexpected visitors in, with the same checks and printing occurring in real-time.

Proxyclick BNYDC - 0048 - 1A701514 - © MORREC

Shuttle buses

For those visitors that arrive via the subway, the Yard provides shuttle buses to take them to their designated building. Pre-registered visitors scan their QR codes at the access control reader on the bus and are authorized to be taken directly to the Yard. Unregistered visitors without a QR code are first taken to one of the security gates to be booked-in by a security guard.

Proxyclick BNYDC - 0031 - 1A701451 - © MORREC

Front desk and turnstiles

The QR code in the invitation email or on the visitors’ badge can be used to pass through turnstiles at the tenant’s build, ensuring a high standard of security and providing convenience.


Impact on the Yard today

Through Proxyclick, the visitor management experience at the Yard has achieved the difficult balance of providing an experience that is both smoother for visitors while enhancing the security at the site.

Smoother visitor experience 

Proxyclick has significantly reduced check-in times for the Yard. “Now, it takes one third the time for a visitor to be checked in and welcomed to the Yard,”  says Ricardo, Head of Security. And, with more visitors expected over the next five years, any decrease in check-in times will reduce congestion at the gates and strain on security.


The security staff’s favorite feature is the watch list, and for good reason. Today, the watch list is automatically updated in Proxyclick, so it’s consistent across at all seven gates. And, if someone on the watch list tries to enter, Proxyclick automatically notifies the entire security team via text message, in real-time.

“Training security on how to use Proxyclick is very simple because the solution is so intuitive. Our security staff quickly picked up how to use the system with minimal training.”

Ricardo Bowens, Head of Security

More pre-registered visitors than ever

Pre-registrations by the Yard’s tenants are up 30% which is a testament to Proxyclick’s ease of use. This makes the process at the security gates much faster and lines shorter throughout the Yard.

Response to the COVID-19 health crisis

Proxyclick also proved to be an immediate advantage in the Yard's on-premises management of the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

“BNY does not currently have many touch points for visitors, which put the company at an advantage right off the bat during COVID-19," says Marc Cecere. "If visitors use local entrance lanes, security officers at guard booths will type into Proxyclick kiosks for guests. This helped a lot during the crisis as the process has been almost entirely ‘touchless’ for visitors."

During the crisis, while the BNY office was mostly closed, the company saw a reduced number of about 1,000-2,000 employees and visitors coming onto the premises each day.

Only essential workers and visitors, including security staff and sergeants, property managers, and union staff were allowed on the Yard.

Marc also indicated that BNY shifted to using Proxyclick almost exclusively for new tenants, which helped reduce the risk of virus exposure to security staff.

“Proxyclick has been super helpful; I’m not sure what we would’ve done otherwise if we didn’t have a system that was that convenient and easy to use. It’s really been seamless in getting people into the Yard [during COVID-19].”

Marc A. Cecere, Director of Applications

While BNY did not implement Proxyclick’s custom flows to prompt health screening questions, Marc added that this is certainly something they will consider putting in place in the future.

What’s to come at the Yard

The Yard is gearing up to welcome tens of thousands of visitors daily. And, they’re on the lookout for ways to improve visitor experience and security in the long term.

“Today, we are testing an integration between Proxyclick, the access control system and an automated license plate scanner to help solve an ongoing issue with deliveries,”Marc explains. “Pre-registering delivery drivers was a problem, as we are often not provided with names. Pre-approving their truck plates would speed this process up".

Finally, the tenants within the Yard have the option to move towards their own iPad experience at their building. This allows them to enjoy all of the benefits of Proxyclick at their buildings, with their own specific workflows and visitor experience, all while connecting to the Yard’s access control system to provide the same consistent arrival experience.

Also, soon, the Yard will deploy a wayfinding to make their 300 acres easier to navigate for visitors. With Proxyclick orchestrating access, assisting with directions, loading authorized number plates, notifying security if needed and doing it all in real-time, the future looks bright in Brooklyn.


Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2018 and has been updated in April 2020 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.