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If you’re on this page, you already know the benefits of having a solution to manage your people flows: for security, trackable and auditable processes, efficiency, privacy, and branding.

Now you’re weighing your options.

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Integrate with your workplace applications

Proxyclick’s best-of-breed approach means businesses get the best of all worlds.

“We bring our functionality to wherever users go to get their work done. You don’t need to learn a new system, or to stop using the calendars and messaging tools you already have. There’s no need to go through Proxyclick to carry out simple tasks like sending out an invite. 

On top of that, everyday users like security administrators love our UI. We always get complimented on how intuitive and easy to use it is. That’s not something you’ll hear about other solutions on the market.”

Michael Mazzarella
Strategic Alliances Director

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Seamless access control integration

Connections to existing infrastructures can be a game-changer. The sheer depth and number of top access control system (ACS) integrations we offer easily dwarf other solutions on the market.

"Our approach to access control is simple. We build a cutting edge integration platform and integrate with the leading providers of access control. That means consistency and impressive experiences, no matter the system you use.

We have a huge amount of experience and knowledge in the team and provide the best help in designing and configuring the right process for each customer. And, on the off-chance you’re using a system that doesn’t integrate with Proxyclick, we’re more than happy to look into making it possible.”

Kev Jones
Access Control Director

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First-class support

Our customer-centric approach means your visitors and employees get a highly customizable journey without sacrificing security, data privacy, health and safety, or efficiency. This, combined with our easy-to-use interface, international presence and experience with global roll-outs, makes us the perfect choice for enterprise organizations.

“Our customer success team is here to solve problems and we’ve invested heavily to make sure they’re involved from the start of every implementation.  Unlike other companies, we partner with our clients, from deployment through to product development.

We have industry experts based across the globe who understand national and international contexts. Whether it’s enabling a French company to devise a GDPR-compliant visitor data process, or helping an American food manufacturer implement a Food Defense program, you can rely on our team to find the right solution.”

Rafael Figueroa
VP of Customer Success

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Unrivalled flexibility

Check in flows keep evolving to reflect the needs of your people and business. Whether that means adding health questionnaires, or multi-layered approvals, Proxyclick gives you the flexibility you need.

“You can make dynamic smart flows for employees and visitors, using custom screens with text, imagery, videos and questionnaires. They adapt based on answers, so you only capture the data you need, and you do it quickly and efficiently. 

It can be as simple or as complex as you need and unlike other solutions, with Proxyclick you can instantly build and edit flows yourself.” 

Geoffroy De Cooman



Unlimited usage, no hidden costs

Transparent pricing is one of the cornerstones of our solution and it is reflected in the unlimited usage we offer per location.

“No matter which of our pricing packs you choose, you’ll get unlimited check-ins for your employees and visitors, desk bookings, and deliveries. That way there are never any unpleasant surprises, and scaling is never a problem.  

We also don’t charge extra for each kiosk, or iPad you have at your front desk, or for every text message – many of our competitors do.”

Ang McManamon 
VP of Sales 

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Data protection and privacy

Collecting visitor and employee data is necessary, but needs to be carried out in alignment with local and international regulations. It's critical to respect the information your visitors entrust you with.

"Data privacy is always front of mind at Proxyclick and even more so since COVID-19 required visitors and employees to share increasingly sensitive information.

We’ve invested heavily in this area and as a result, obtained a full ISAE 3000 Type I Privacy Attestation. That means we’re on board with industry-leading data privacy practices and our customers have the peace of mind that they are compliant and respectful when handling their visitor information."

Geoffroy De Cooman





Proven and innovative

Some of the largest companies in the world rely on Proxyclick to the tune of over 30 million visits across more than 7,000 locations worldwide. In 2020, Proxyclick raised a $15 million Series B funding round led by Five Elms Capital, together with previous investor Join Capital.

"We built up Proxyclick step-by-step and we’re proud to work with some of the most successful businesses around. We have the stability and output that enterprise clients need and we’ve achieved this without sacrificing our agility. 

During the Ebola outbreak in 2014, we devised a health screening solution for our clients and then again in 2020 developed a touchless check-in process to help counter the COVID-19 pandemic. The world keeps evolving and so does Proxyclick."

Gregory Blondeau


What customers say about Proxyclick

Before we had Proxyclick, our previous system was slow. It was tedious for tenants to register visitors so we would have cars backed up all the way to Flushing Ave.

Marc A. Cecere

Director of Applications at Brooklyn Navy Yard

Industrial - 501-1000 employees

The solution was easy to set up and intuitive to use. One of my favorite features in Proxyclick is custom flows. You can customize the entire system the way you want and add categories to design how visitors will check-in.

Muhammad Khan

IT consultant at Lucozade

501-1000 employees

[We asked ourselves] when we start opening our doors to visitors how do we implement the same level of security and pre-screening as for our staff? And it’s as if [Proxyclick] read our minds.

Matt Graham

Real Estate Technology & Innovation at EY

5000+ employees

Proxyclick has elevated visitor management well beyond the simple act of registration by incorporating notions of security, health and safety, brand promotion, customer communication and privacy.

Mark Hill

Strategy and Marketing Director of Sodexo Japan

501-1000 employees

It's intuitive, and positions us as a forward-thinking company. And it's very slick. It enhances the whole customer experience from start to finish, from receiving the invite, the Wi-Fi log-in details, the notifications when they're here... It's taken our visitor experience to the next level.

Barry Ryan

Marketing Manager at 3PL Logistics Ltd


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