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Why Companies Use a Visitor Management System

Securing the workplace and granting access to the right people is essential. Proxyclick is a software-first approach to optimize the guest experience while also reducing the operational costs associated with workplace entry.

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Five Reasons Why the Enterprise Chooses Proxyclick

We’re redefining the future at work with our customers. Check your visitors and employees into the workplace with a solution that’s easy to use for both simple and complex office environments.
Why Proxyclick - Why companies use a VMS

Efficient Guest Experience

Facility and security managers leverage Proxyclick for remote registration, kiosk-enabled check-in (in 30+ languages!), custom guest badges compatible with all printers, and a multi-purpose logbook for security and receptionists. You’ll spot Proxyclick in offices, multi-tenant buildings, across corporate campuses and in manufacturing facilities worldwide. 🌅

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Why Proxyclick - Why companies use a VMS

Enterprise Guest Experience

Implement Proxyclick with pre-configured check-in flows or customize the visitor workflow to account for any and all requirements you have to achieve the health, security and compliance objectives of your company. And when you need help, our customer success team will be there for you 24/7 to ensure your visitors can walk through the door without any friction. 🦸

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Why Proxyclick - Why companies use a VMS

Integrated Guest Experience

Your software-enabled workplace integrates seamlessly with Proxyclick so visitors can be invited via email, eSign an NDA, have their temperature taken on site, and get a mobile QR code that lets them breeze through your access control system and connect with a destination dispatch elevator for a touchless journey. 😇

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Why Proxyclick - Why companies use a VMS

Secure Guest Experience

The enterprise trusts Proxyclick because you can easily manage user data on a microscopic level and secure the work environment to protect your people and intellectual property. With integrated watchlists, ID matching and pre-approving visitors, the security, facility and reception teams establish a forcefield around the workplace. Users can be credentialed via SSO, and the platform is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant. 🔒 ✅

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Why Proxyclick - Why companies use a VMS

Condeco Workplace Experience

Did you hear? Proxyclick was acquired by the #1 workspace management suite, Condeco 🤝. The Proxyclick Guest Experience is now complemented by a seamless integration with Condeco’s desk booking, meeting room management, office occupancy, space planning and hybrid work solution. Together, we’re redefining how tomorrow will work. 🌐

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Proxyclick delivers a "great experience for our visitors and our employees.”

Florence describes Proxyclick as the “future” on G2. The truth is our customers are the future, and we just wrap ourselves around them as tightly as possible. We build software for customers based on what they need, and how they will use it. We sincerely 💚 our customers, and we’ll always go the extra mile to earn your business.

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