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Take your employee and visitor experience to the next level

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Make the workplace a safer, more efficient place

Proxyclick's advanced employee and visitor management features, combined with Condeco's workplace scheduling technology, ensure a seamless workplace experience.


Reduce administrative overhead

Free up employees' time with an effortless and seamless workflow. Allow them to book a meeting room or desk on a given day, and automatically register their visitors, all with the click of a button.



Manage people flows across your premises

Pre-register employees, contractors, and visitors to understand exactly who is expected or has already arrived on location at any given time. 

Monitor room usage in busy spaces with a dashboard offering a clear view of availability and meeting status.


Enforce safety rules before on-site arrival

Share health and safety rules and guidelines, including images or mandatory videos, before anyone sets foot back on-site.

Ask visitors, employees, and contractors to sign a safety declaration in advance, via their mobile device.


Get touchless building access using QR codes

Using a unique QR code, your visitors, employees, and contractors can check in automatically at the turnstiles, entry doors, or at a Proxyclick kiosk. 

Take advantage of an access control integration and destination dispatch to help guide employees and visitors in your building, without a need for them to touch potentially contaminated surfaces.

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touchless check-in QR

Enable contact tracing

Securely store contact information of anyone on-site to allow for contact tracing. 

Discreetly identify and reach out to those who may have been at risk of infection while on your premises.


How does it work?


Partnering for success

It will be about being able to book desks, meeting rooms, sending out invites to meetings, pre-screening for staff or visitors, helping employees find other ways to get to the office other than public transport, and then experience getting into the building with access control and direction. All of that sounds really complicated, but it’s not. They’re just different pieces of a puzzle, which actually knit together very nicely.

Simon Cohen
UK Partners Director