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As part of our July release, we made it easier and faster to navigate in the Dashboard. The improvements are intuitive in nature and should be easy to adapt to.

They're also a result of direct feedback from our users, so we're happy to have made these changes in partnership with our Proxyclick community.

Here are the main changes:

Lighter navigation

In the old navigation, there was both a horizontal and a vertical menu so it wasn't always clear where to click.

In the new navigation, all the links have been grouped in a vertical sidebar so the navigation is clearer.

Here is a detailed view of the left sidebar:


Based on your role, and the settings of your company account, you may see fewer icons than depicted in the image above.

Home button

We've introduced a home button in the top left corner of your Dashboard. This button allows you to return instantly to the logbook, from any page:



Faster navigation for multi-location users

The location switcher has been moved to the center of the top bar.

You can now stay on the same page from one location to the other. So, if you need to adjust the same settings location by location, then this will save you quite some clicks!



More consistent copy

In an effort to reflect the different working environments that make up our Proxyclick community, we renamed “colleagues” to “users.”

This change, in particular, was voiced by many. So we hope there are a few smiles (and smirks) to end this announcement!

(Read more about this July release)


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