New recurrence types and integrations with Skype and Dropbox

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Our latest release sees the roll-out of much awaited additional recurrences, as well as two new additions to the growing list of Proxyclick integrations.

Save time with weekly, monthly, or yearly recurring visits

The recurring visit feature has always been very popular among Proxyclick users, as it is a great time saver. With this, they could create daily recurring meetings in one single operation. Ever since its initial release, we received demands for weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrences. Cortney, your contractor comes in every 2 weeks on Monday? Now, Proxyclick can handle it.

New weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrences in Proxyclick

Let hosts be notified in your company messaging software: releasing Skype for Business integration

Hosts at companies using Proxyclick love the fact that they can be notified as soon as their visitors arrive, even when they’re not at their desks. So far, we supported notifications via Email, SMS, Slack and our iPhone application. Starting today, hosts can also be notified via Skype for Business.

Skype for Business is now integrated into Proxyclick

Safely store your NDAs directly on your Dropbox account

Signed agreements (NDA, Health & Safety, etc.) are an important part of your visitor check-in process. They’re all stored in your Proxyclick account by default, but you may also want to centralize them on another drive. This was already possible with the OneDrive integration. We have now added support for Dropbox as well. Check out our new Help Center article and learn how to set it up.

We’re planning to release more integrations in the coming months, so feel free to let us know what our next integration should be in the comments below, via email or on our live chat!


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