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Just like millions of people around the world, I will be expecting the most important visitor of the year later this month (at least according to my children :-)).

Well, guess what: I will make use of all these new features we developed in 2016 to give him a better experience than last year.

So, this year just like last year, I made sure Santa Claus got the invite. I did not want him to get lost or to be stuck in traffic.

blog-holiday-special-visitor-email-invite.pngEmail Invite Design 2016


I did not want him to lose time at the entrance or to be searched as if he was guilty of something. I did not want him to have to yet again fill in his name on a piece of paper.

He is expected and a regular visitor that we should treat with respect.

Usually I pre-register all my visitors directly from my calendar (more about Calendar Integration), without logging into Proxyclick. But this time Santa already informed me that he will not be alone, so I did a quick bulk upload of my expected group of visitors.
Untitled design (6).png

Bulk upload


But my favorite part of preparing for the most important visit of the year was customizing all the kiosk screens.


Welcome Screen for Santa Claus


I also created a flow using smart rules.blog-holiday-special-visitor-smart-rules.png

 Smart rules


I want to make Santa Claus feel at home by already asking him at the entrance what kind of beverage he likes so his drink will be waiting for him in my living room.

Between you and me, I am hinting it will be mulled wine like last Christmas :-).blog-holiday-special-visitor-beverage.png


What else? Ah, of course. I played around with our badge editor and prepared a special Christmas-themed badge for this occasion.

Here are some badge designs I came up with:


Badge editor



Vertical badge


This year, I really feel we’re ready to host Santa Claus. I don’t even worry about the Grinch coming. After all, I already put him on the watch list.



Watch list


If he comes, his check-in would be denied and I would get an immediate notification. 

In case of an accident, I would be still able to send an emergency SMS with one click to all my visitors in my home.

This is how it could look like:

blog-holiday-special-visitor-emergency-SMS.pngEmergency SMS 


Team Proxyclick wishes you Happy Holidays!


A little sneak peak to 2017

We hope you enjoyed this imaginative visitor journey with some of the new 2016 features :-)

It was an eventful year. We are excited to see what 2017 will bring.

A few things are for sure:

  • We’ll launch a new version of both mobile apps
  • New means of identifications at check-in will be added on the kiosk (ID scan and more)
  • Integrations will be central: Access Control, Wifi, parking management… Digitalizing the logbook means for us that it should be connected to existing corporate software
  • We also plan continuous improvements of the overall user experience


We believe in outstanding execution and want to always walk the extra mile to deliver top-notch experience.

Last but not least, the journey of visitors checking in offices with Proxyclick will continue to be shaped by Proxyclick’s users, visitors, hosts and employees alike!

If you are interested in seeing a new feature being realized don't hesitate to let us know via our Contact Form.

And most importantly, don’t forget to welcome Santa properly… :-)


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