Invite Proxyclick

When you create an appointment in Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or any other planning tool, just invite

Your visit is created

As soon as we get the invitation, we’ll add it to your Logbook.

You’re done!

There’s no third step and no need to get support from IT.

Creating a visit just got a little easier

In just a few seconds, your planning tool and Proxyclick are working hand in hand. Your visitors does not get 2 invitation emails: they only receive the invitation from your calendar, not from Proxyclick.

No IT needed, no plug-in to install, no software to install, just invite and you're done. It works with any calendar!

Enabling everyone to improve visitor management

With this feature, your employees will all be able to easily create new visits without having to juggle with multiple tools at the same time.

Start registering your visitors
from your calendar today

The Calendar feature is available in the Enterprise Plan.
All features are available during a 15-day free trial.

Free 15-day trial. All features. No credit card required.