Made for everyone

Creating a check-in process with smart rules does not require special IT skills. All you have to do is drag and drop your questions into a chart.

Suited for any context

Whether you work in an office, a school, a production site, or a fitness center the smart rules feature adapts to your needs.

Includes all types of content

Your custom screens can contain images, text, agreements to sign, videos (coming soon), and questions (drop-down etc).

Adapts to visitors’ answers

If your visitor says that she is a contractor, she will only get questions destined to contractors.

Why use custom screens and smart rules

To protect health and safety

Make sure your visitors fit health requirements by asking them to fill out a health questionnaire.
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To strengthen security

Screen visitors as they come in. Stop the check-in process if they cannot correctly answer specific security questions.
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To enhance hospitality

Ask visitors what kind of beverage they would like so you can have their drink waiting for them in the meeting room. This will make your visitors feel like special guests.
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To validate contractors

Get visitors and contractors to sign agreements in the check-in process. By collecting agreement signatures, you’ll be legally good to go before your visitor even sits down in the waiting room.
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To support logistics

Ask visitors whether they came by car and get them to enter their license plate number. This will help you identify a car’s owner rapidly if needed.
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To increase speed

Give visitors only questions that pertain to them, and skip over the ones that don’t apply. This will make check-in even faster!
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Endless possibilities

We are amazed by how creative our customers have been with the smart rules feature. The potential uses are infinite. What we saw inspired us to write this blog article, they were just too good not to be shared.

With smart rules, we are able to manage our activity in a way that protects the company, but does not bother or annoy visitors with unnecessary questions. It has taken our operation to the next level, not only in terms of security, but also in a higher degree of professionalism!

Justin S. Fiorilli Chief Legal Officer Yacht Management South Florida, Inc.

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