Deliveries, dashboard makeover, and integrations takeover

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After some major spring cleaning inside our app, we're happy to reveal some welcome changes and additions to Proxyclick:

  • For a better user experience for you
  • For a more integrated visitor experience for your visitors

The Dashboard itself (including the new sidebar navigation) has received a makeover.


The improvements were made based on months of user feedback so it's now easier and faster to make your way around the app.

More details can be found in a dedicated article.

But that's not all. 

Deliveries: Instant notifications from one dashboard

Doing business means managing all day-to-day deliveries that come with it. 

We've heard many of you loud and clear, and made it possible for you to now manage your incoming deliveries via the Dashboard:

  • Inform recipients of their deliveries
    • Individually, or in groups
    • Via custom messages if needed
  • Send reminders


Also, delivery recipients can acknowledge your message via a quick reply button or personal note. All this can be done from one quick and easy interface.


Furthermore, we've made it easier for you to set "entrance names" inside the app so that there is no confusion as to where the deliveries should be picked up.

Because delivery management should be fast, simple, and efficient, so you can get back to welcoming your visitors. 

Newest Integrations in the Proxyclick Marketplace

We're all about helping you welcome your visitors and providing them with a more  integrated visitor experience. So there are new integrations starting this month, to help you do just that.

Access Control Systems: AEOS, AC2000, and OnGuard

Screenshot (561)

Securing your visitor management with the right access control system is crucial to the best-of-breed approach to future-proofing your business.

As such, there are now three additional integrations available:

  • Nedap's AEOS
  • CEM Systems' AC2000
  • LenelS2's OnGuard

Visitors are automatically created after preregistration in Proxyclick, with access rights determined by their meeting.

You then decide which visitor experience (e.g. check-in at the iPad, emailed QR code) best fits your business. (See all the possibilities in our Marketplace

Microsoft Teams

If you're currently using Microsoft Teams, it's now possible to communicate via instant notifications and replies when visitors check in.

microsoft_teams_proxyclick-integrationThis is in addition to the email and text notifications currently available. Responses can be sent to your reception team via 1-click buttons, making the flow of communications faster through this channel. (More information on it here)

What else is new?

In our continuous efforts to improve and address common areas for enhancement, we've also implemented some smaller changes and fixes inside the app.

You can always see our latest release notes and reach out to us directly with specific questions.

We cannot thank you all enough for your time and constant feedback in improving the Proxyclick experience. With half the year already behind us, we have more exciting news to come!


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