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We’re excited to announce the release of 4 new major features in Proxyclick:

  • Delivery: Inform colleagues when their package got delivered
  • Visitor Privacy: Protect visitor confidentiality on the iPad
  • Salesforce integration: Enrich your CRM with Proxyclick data and make better decisions
  • Outlook add-in: Make it easy for your colleagues to pre-register their visitors

As we communicated earlier, the Delivery and Visitor Privacy features require the iPad app version 2.1.0 and will slightly change the lay-out of your welcome screen. 


Your 21st century front desk quickly becomes 19th century if it’s overflowing with parcels delivered to your colleagues. As the reception gets more crowded with boxes and other deliveries, that feeling of welcome and focus on making the visitor feel at ease can quickly evaporate.

We are happy to let you know we have added a way to address that, straight from the kiosk app.

The delivery person (or the receptionists) can now use the iPad to notify the recipient. All in 2 steps - very fast. No need to for the reception staff to spend time sending numerous email anymore and “chase” people around.

You can activate the feature at the bottom of this page. We plan on further developing this feature in the future.  Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome!

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Visitor privacy

Returning visitors enjoy saving their profile on the iPad for fast check in. But equally, some of them get annoyed that their profile can be seen by other visitors with similar names.

From now on, visitors will be able to retrieve their profile by using their unique email address, and thus enjoy a higher degree of confidentiality.

They will also have the ability to give their consent to store their profile on the iPad - or not. 


You can activate this feature by choosing Recognize returning visitors > Based on email on this page. Please also check our dedicated Help Center page for more details on this feature.

Salesforce integration

You can now enrich your CRM with Proxyclick data. You’ll then get a better picture of your contacts leading to better, data-driven decision-making.


Note: We’re planning to expand this integration further in the next months so please feel free to send us your ideas for improvement.

Outlook add-in

Would you like to better prepare the visits by having your colleagues pre-register their visitors? Of course, this will only happen if pre-registering visitors is super easy.

We’ve got you covered! Your colleagues can now pre-register their visitors directly from their Outlook calendar with our add-on. Learn how to get it running on this page.

It’s both easy and powerful: your colleagues will be able to select their Proxyclick location, fill in custom fields or leave a note to reception directly from the meeting request. By far our most powerful calendar integration ever!


Our December release brings serious improvements in quite distinct 4 areas. Which one of these features will make the biggest impact for your business? What else would you add to them? We welcome each piece of feedback you give us - it’s what drives us to continually improve our product.


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