1. The matching score is in the green and your visitor is granted access, or
  2. The matching score in returned in orange and your security personnel must administer next steps according to your protocolcompare_ID-1

Not only is the process fast and accurate, it's also beneficial to your bottom-line. Calculating man-power needed at each security check-point is easier with data-driven reasoning. 

By automating the identity verification process, your security professionals can focus on managing escalations and physical security.

What about data privacy?

As you may already know, we take data privacy and GDPR very seriously here at Proxyclick.

ID Match is wholly GDPR-compliant as we only store the picture of the visitor and their first/last name. These pieces of information are parsed via something called OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Nothing else is stored.

Additional security and compliance benefits

ID Match puts you in regulatory-compliant waters in the event of risk management and trade partnership programs such as C-TPAT (US), PIP (Canada) or AEO (Europe).

Furthermore, it protects you in the event of insurance-related incidents where you may have to produce evidence of stringent security measures.

To learn more about ID Match and its additional benefits, read more in our Help Center or contact us for a personal chat.

We'd love to see you join the ranks of companies doing all they can to secure their premises!