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Proxyclick's latest whitepaper explores new ways integrated building, security and workplace management technologies are delivering the VIP experience customers expect today.

The Integrated Visitor Experience is about being prepared for your visitor so all the security administration is invisible and everything that is visible, simply wows the visitor. 

From visitor management, meeting room management and access control, to parking management, employee apps and even humanoid robots,  it’s never been easier to create your own personal VIP experience for visitors.

Download this whitepaper to learn more.



In the whitepaper, established brands such as Vodafone, Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, Paxton and EMS Software divulge the latest thinking surrounding the ‘Integrated Visitor Experience’ .



The Integrated Visitor Experience is one big step towards the industry’s futuristic "all gates open" approach to managing visitors, utilizing rich data and automation to welcome the ‘good guys’ in and keep the ‘bad guys’ out
Geoffroy De Cooman, Head of Product at Proxyclick