Research white paper: the Integrated Visitor Experience

How organisations can utilize smart technologies to deliver the white-glove treatment to visitors

The Integrated Visitor Experience is about being prepared for your visitor so all the security administration is invisible and everything that is visible, simply wows the visitor. 

Proxyclick's latest white paper explores new ways integrated building, security and workplace management technologies are delivering the VIP experience customers expect today.

Learn how combining  smart technologies will give a VIP experience to every visitors, from visitor management, meeting room management and access control, to parking management, employee apps and even humanoid robots.

Some insights of this white paper


11 million

face-to-face business meetings happen across the USA per year.


2 out of 5 people

claim their perception of a company was negatively affected by their experience in the lobby.


Between 40 and 50%

of all US meetings start late, making them significantly less effective.