We build Web-based Facility Management software

Proxyclick produces applications that simplify office life for employees. We specialize in processes typically managed by the Facility Manager and/or the Office Manager, providing an integrated communication platform between them, employees and suppliers. Employees can order lunch for themselves or book catering for a meeting. They can manage visitors, optimize parking capacity or issue service requests. It's never been easier to accomplish the day-to-day activities of the workplace.

Finally, there’s a user-friendly suite of applications developed for employees, not only for operators.

Principles behind our products - and our company

Applications are built not only for clients but also by them

We grow with our clients. We work to develop a solution or a feature only if it solves a real-world issue experienced by our customers. The result: every part of our modules is an answer to our clients' needs.

Applications should be employee-centric

We believe that genuine employee involvement matters. In our experience, employee participation greatly improves facility-related processes. At the same time, we know it's often not enough simply to ask an employee to take part in these processes. They need to have an interest in getting involved. That's why our solutions are intuitive. Easy to use. And above all, they generate value for employees.

Software as a Service

Facility Management – like any other industry – has a lot to gain from "Software as a Service" (SaaS). The advantages of SaaS are compelling: reduced cost, easy deployment, enhanced benefits to users. Our goal is to bring SaaS benefits to Facility Management. Learn more about SaaS.

Join them

Proxyclick started in 2004 at a well-known Swedish multinational with an early version of Virtual Canteen. Since those days, we have continued to build our solutions brick by brick, in close partnership with our growing customer base. We believe that the best solutions are developed with our customers right by our side.

Today many of the world's most respected organizations trust our solutions. Every day. Join them.

our customers

It should be simple

Forget manuals, training, multiple meetings, complex project management... We think it's time that those who matter – the employees – have a say about the software that they use. That's why we build easy-to-use, intuitive solutions.

We also think it's important to promote supplier collaboration so that everyone participates in a shared process. Suppliers can be caterers, facility management companies, facility services companies, or property managers. Today, there’s no need for each company to build its own data silo. Technology allows for processes to be collaborative, with each party contributing its part, while maintaining an overview of the entire process.

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