How to be COVID Compliant in the workplace

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If you caught our last webinar you'll have seen that countries, companies, and people are dealing with COVID vaccine mandates across the globe. 

It goes without saying that the workplace is one of the most affected environments. And while the Biden Administration's proposed vaccine mandate for employers is facing challenges, New York City, on the other hand, is mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for all private sector employers, from December 27.

In the UK, the Prime Minister is tightening rules and asking people to work from home. In Germany, anyone going to the workplace needs a 3G certificate – that means vaccinated, negative tested, or recovered from COVID.

But it's not just countries. Many companies are on the front foot. 

American Express, for example, requests employees, contractors, and visitors to be vaccinated as of last November. General Electric has mandated that 56,000 of its workers be vaccinated as of a few weeks ago. And even Netflix is asking all of its stars to get the vaccine.

But it's not as easy as snapping your fingers to implement something like this at your workplace. The admin burden alone is colossal and that's without considering the variety of certificates available, or the data privacy implications.

Thankfully, our new feature addresses these concerns.

Introducing COVID Compliance 

With Proxyclick's COVID Compliance feature you can quickly ensure everyone who enters your locations is vaccinated, has tested negative, or recovered from COVID by automatically validating the relevant certificate as part of their check-in process. 

This means you'll have an easy and seamless way to comply with regulations, and minimize the risk of outbreaks, all while storing data in a secure digital environment.  

For more information speak to, and if you act before January 31 you can get it half price (conditions apply)!

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