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To better serve the needs of our clients in offering truly integrated visitor experiences we've partnered with EMS Software, a space and resource management platform which integrates people, tools, and technology in businesses and on college campuses.

Adding Proxyclick’s features to the mix opens new possibilities for companies looking to streamline their internal processes and create a smart workplace. Our integrations marketplace makes it possible to create a truly integrated visitor experience. 

By using EMS, an employee can create a meeting by selecting their room, requesting any catering or AV support, and then indicate if there will be any external visitors. 

We spoke to Christina Tubb, EMS's Managing Director for the EMEA region.

EMS-Software-Christina-TubbShe shared with us these possibilities and told us what working with Proxyclick means for EMS software and their clients.

Q1. Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself, the EMS Software and your role in the company?

Of course! My name is Christina Tubb and I am the Managing Director of the EMEA Region for EMS Software.

I’ve been working in tech for the past decade, helping to modernize siloed, asset-intensive industries by connecting their assets to the Internet of Things (IoT) and then overlaying it with predictive analytics. I’ve primarily worked in sectors where using connected technology has a disproportionate impact on the environment, notably in aviation, mining and mobile money for the unbanked.

EMS mission is centered around change in the workplace. People have been working in the same way for decades with incredible inefficiency, particularly by using a myriad of siloed tools necessary to do their jobs. A more holistic, integrated approach to solving environmental and human inefficiency is what’s at the core of EMS – and what originally drew me to EMS Software.

As the industry’s leading enterprise-class workplace and campus management platform, EMS Software has been helping leading companies and universities to optimize their dynamic work and learning environments for over 30 years.

Together, we are working to transform offices and university campuses into predictive, streamlined places to work and study.

Q2. How did EMS come into a partnership with Proxyclick?

At EMS, we see a lot of growth opportunity in automating office activities, particularly at the front desk, which can include checking in visitors, printing badges and providing Wi-Fi codes.

Streamlining these activities is how companies can offer unparalleled visitor and employee experiences.

Because Proxyclick provides fantastic flexibility and functionality, and an outstanding experience for customers. In short, it was a natural partnership opportunity for EMS.

Q3. Can you explain what integration between EMS and Proxyclick looks like?

Customers using both EMS and Proxyclick can take advantage of the EMS connectors to easily transfer their meeting information across to Proxyclick.

This connector enables employees to easily book a meeting in EMS, inviting external attendees from the EMS web app or Outlook add-in and seamlessly pre-register them with Proxyclick. When those visitors arrive or depart, Proxyclick will inform EMS so that it maintains a record of all attendees for data and audit purposes.

Note: This integration is still under review and will be released at a later stage. Please contact us for additional details.

Q4. What would you say is the biggest plus for customers that integrate EMS with Proxyclick?

By integrating EMS and Proxyclick, organizations do not have to choose between a visitor management product that does minimal room booking and a room booking product that does minimal visitor management: they can get best-in-class room booking and visitor management for an excellent experience across the board. 

About Christina

EMS-Software-Christina-TubbChristina Tubb has spent the last decade working to help organizations connect their key assets with employees, customers, and IoT frameworks. Her experience has spanned a range of complex and high-profile use cases, such as network planning for airlines, autonomous mining operations, and real estate. She holds a degree in Physics from Yale University and is based in Paris, France.


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