New year, new release:  Cheers to 2020

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While the holiday season draws to an end, the new year at Proxyclick promises to be one filled with continued enhancements.

We invite you to check out our full listing of small and useful improvements where you'll see a number of new features and updates:

  • better readability of QR codes,
  • a new API endpoint, and
  • conditional printing




In addition to the lighter improvements we've made here and there, we've also released some bigger changes.

Specifically, you'll see additional global features now available inside the app...

Cultural sensitivity in the spirit of flexibility 

We understand that our clients are global enterprises whose reach extends all over the world. Therefore, the global base of visitors also requires our product to be just as global.

We've been very sensitive to this from the start, and we'll continue to commit to this in 2020.

As such, we've made a number of improvements on an international scope for localized settings:

  • New Dashboard languages 
    • Japanese and Chinese have been added. This will allows many of our users, particularly reception and security staff, to be able to work inside the app more thoroughly. 
  • 2-letter name recognition to further embrace cultural diversity: 
    • Now, instead of only 3-letter recognition, there's a new interface making it possible to be recognized based on 2 letters on the iPad.
    • This is especially key in countries such as China, where 2-character names are more common. (Please don't hesitate to reach out to support to change that setting for your Enterprise plan!)
  • Improved and on-demand infrastructure:
    • To help our users in China, we've launched specific infrastructure to improve access to our app. We're standing by to help you on request. (Please contact support for next steps.)

More on conditional printing

Depending on your security policy and compliance requirements, you may only need to print badges for certain visitors. That's why we've introduced the ability to set condition(s) that will determine whether or not a badge is printed for any given visitor (available in Large Plan and higher).

Now, there's more flexibility and options to help your organization become more efficient and environmentally-friendly by cutting out unnecessary badge-printing.

Kicking off the year saying thank you

We'd be remiss if we didn't thank everyone around the world for being a part of the 30,000,000+ visits created using Proxyclick so far. 

Knowing that life isn't black and white or perfect, our team remains agile and our product continues to evolve.

We're humbled and excited to take on 2020 together!


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