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As we move towards an increasingly hybrid world of work, companies are being challenged to provide more flexibility, without compromising on security. 

And while some companies can do this with relative ease, for others it can be a difficult balance to strike. 

R&D facilities, locations with specialized equipment, like manufacturing plants, or simply appealing lounge areas created for employees. These are all scenarios where an extra layer of security is needed. 

In addition, these days companies also want to add an approval process for external visitors in the context of COVID-19. In many geographies, only essential visitors are allowed access to workplaces and sites, and while general occupancy controls work well to stop too many employees showing up on a given day, visitors need to be managed more closely. 

Adding an extra layer of security 

Enter our new Visit approval feature.  

It lets you better control your visitor flows by requiring invitations to be approved before they are issued.  

Whenever a new visit is created the visitor is not immediately invited and is instead listed as 'In review' in the logbook. A user with approval rights must then accept or deny the request to determine whether an invitation is sent. 

Visit approval updateYou can combine this feature with others such as:

  • Watchlists: If there is a match, the approver can check and deny the invitation before it is even sent out. 
  • Access control integrationsAvoid long, complex approval processes by issuing personal QR codes to visitors, that provide access via security infrastructure, as soon as approval is granted.  

What else did we ship in the last 30 days? 

Faster check-ins at multi-tenant buildings  

Our new Building logbook increases front desk efficiency at any multi-tenant building, with a combined view of visits from across all building tenants. No more switching between tenant logbooks when visitors arrive. 

Easy access to your visitor data 

Our Employee check-in data export provides a more flexible way to access data from the employee logbook by letting you export it in XLS format. Of course, only admins with strict user rights can access this function.  

Make decisions based on the latest information 

Employee questionnaire scheduling means you can keep your people safe by making sure employees visiting the workplace provide you with their latest information before you grant them access.

For example, if an employee books a visit to the workplace in three days' time, you can choose for them to receive a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire the morning they are expected. 

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Want to learn how Visit approvals can combine with access control integrations and features such as ID Match and Watchlists to create powerful, custom flows? 

Sign up for our webinar on May 5th or 6th, 2021 (depending on your time zone). See you there! 

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