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Digital transformation personified

Dimension Data has been in the business of ICT project integration since its founding in 1983.

With clients in 47 countries numbering upwards of 8,000, they've also been recognized repeatedly for their industry-leading corporate sustainability practices. In short, you could say that Dimension Data strives to be as green as their logo.


As is the case for most organizations, Dimension Data was using "pen and paper" at their front desks for a very long time. But they acted quickly on the need for a digital solution to welcome their visitors. 

Before we implemented Proxyclick at Dimension Data, we used a paper logbook. We asked the reception to call the host when the visitor arrived in the building.— Eric Van Lint, Senior Alliance Manager

The term "visitor" comprises contractors, clients, and employment candidates alike.

And with upwards of 30,000 employees on staff across 6 continents, servicing 70% of the Fortune 100 and nearly 60% of Fortune 500 companies...that's a lot of visitors to be accounted for. 

From an efficiency standpoint, the pen and paper visitor management system was not aligned with the company's digital footprint. You could say that Dimension Data outgrew their paper logbook and needed to streamline their front desk operations.

We have helped our clients in their digital transformation journey. But technology is not enough. Clearly, the client experience is also important.— Pierre Dumont, Managing Director

We couldn't agree more. So our team at Proxyclick set out to improve the visitor experience for Dimension Data.


Why Proxyclick?

It turned out there three main objectives during Dimension Data's selection process. What were they?

The first one was to improve employee efficiency. The second one, which is very important, is the customer experience.— Pierre Dumont

Dimension Data's Managing Director, Pierre Dumont, went on to say, "When our customers enter our office, our front desk can focus on the welcome and the service they can deliver to them." 

He goes on to provide the third objective that Proxyclick helped meet:

Last but not least, and this is even more important nowadays than before, is security. The trust we offer to our people when they share their information with us. We ensure total security thanks for Proxyclick.— Pierre Dumont

What does total security look like?

It's engrained in how we handle security at Proxyclick.

Together with Dimension Data, we uncovered some major security needs with the most pressing being around confidentiality and privacy implications around their visitor data. Being a global company, Dimension Data must prove their regulatory compliance across the board.

So there were two must-have security features for their visitor management:

1.  NDA or confidentiality agreement to be signed by each visitor, which our solution allows you to incorporate pre-visit or on the day of the visit.


2. Compliance with GDPR and other data privacy regulations, specific to data retention and deletion.

With Proxyclick, they had a choice between managing the data retention period manually or automatically. They chose to automate their data retention periods.

data deletion v2

The constant development of data privacy and security features is an integral part of our offering at Proxyclick.

We were thrilled to be able to help Dimension Data in their mission to achieve total security.

Proxyclick in practice: Immediate effects 

With nearly 500 visitors every month, there was a clear difference once Proxyclick was implemented. Namely, cutting down the time for visitor check-ins to half what it was before.

We reduced the time for the receptionist to welcome each visitor by 50%. But the most important isn't the time we save, it's the time it gives us to better welcome our visitors.— Eric Van Lint, Senior Alliance Manager

As much as the digital transformation affected Dimension Data from an efficiency standpoint, how was the change received by those walking through their front doors? How did the visitors feel about the new experience?

"Many hosts received feedback from their visitors that they really feel welcomed at Dimension Data," answered Van Lint.

Not just for receptionists

We've all been through the exciting and stressful process of interviewing for a new job. But how many times have we had to sit around waiting for our interviewee to show up?

"I'm often in meetings or in interviews or are other times when I can't pick up my phone. So it's very used for me when I get an email or text message to see which candidate arrives. Then I can also inform the receptionist that I'll be 5 minutes later or 10 minutes late," says Tony Janssens, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Dimension Data.

This is where Proxyclick can make a world of difference.

We improve the professional experience the candidate has with Dimension Data.— Tony Janssens, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

The front office and back office can come together operationally with the help of the right visitor management system.



What’s next for Dimension Data?

If you happen to be a cycling fan then you're probably aware that the Dimension Data is the official technology partner of the Tour de France.

It goes without saying that they're taking "talk the walk and walk the walk" to the next level by putting the proverbial pedal to the metal in digital transformation! 


As far as what the future holds?

Well, besides a potential bicycle race to keep everyone on their toes, there are some exciting changes happening. 

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT Corporation) has launched NTT Ltd., a world-leading global technology services provider bringing together 28 companies, including Dimension Data, one US $11 billion business.

This is an important step forward for Dimension Data, which started as a homegrown South African ICT company. We’re so proud to be able to move this brand forwards in the region, while also retaining our strong links with NTT, enabling us to continue to deliver world-class services, technology and expertise.— Grant Bodley, CEO for Dimension Data MEA

The relationship between Proxyclick and Dimension Data has always built on this very idea of transparency and open communication.

Our best-of-breed approach of leveraging Dimension Data's existing tools to implement powerful integrations will come to fruition in future projects between us.

So stay tuned!

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