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A modern visitor process for a modern company

DNV is one of the world’s leading ship classification societies and risk and sustainability service providers. Their Singapore headquarters are home to more than 500 employees and were created to help meet the growing demand for its services in the region.

Their state-of-the-art office houses DNV operations for Singapore and the Asia Pacific region and regroups DNV GL’s expertise and regional management team under one roof. It is also an opportunity for the company to showcase their focus on innovation and impress their visitors, while abiding by strict security guidelines, across multiple building tenants.

That’s why Josef Ong, Regional Facilities Expert at DNV, turned to Proxyclick.


An industry with strict visitor guidelines

Given their role as a classification society and an advisor for the maritime industry, DNV delivers testing, certification, and technical advisory services to the energy value chain. This complex service coupled with the industries involved, requires the company to keep track of who visits their various locations, and quickly carry out an audit if required.

“It is part of our building security strategy to track visitors that come to our building, as this gives us an audit trail of who is in the building and their purpose.”

Josef Ong, Regional Facilities Expert at DNV

The building is also a multi-tenant location, and sub-tenants require the ability to track their visitors, albeit with different entry criteria. Not everyone needs the same high security visitor flows as DNV. Proxyclick not only enables each tenant to devise custom flows, but also notifies hosts when a visitor arrives in the main building reception.


Managing a growing number of tenants and visitors

The DNV Technology Center currently welcomes more than 1,000 visitors a month, and as the number of sub-tenants grows, so too will the number of visitors. This is why it is so important for the building to be equipped with a modern, digital visitor management solution, that significantly reduces check-in times, without compromising on security. Before Proxyclick, a manual visitor registration process was in place.

“We were using another visitor management system that required us to be physically on site in order to pull visitor data from a computer. It was unproductive and time consuming to manage this process.”

Josef Ong



Providing a great experience on all sides

On top of addressing efficiency and security concerns, Ong and his team needed a solution that was user-friendly, GDPR Compliant, cost effective, easy to implement, and able to comply with global company guidelines. They were delighted to report that Proxyclick ticked each of these boxes!

“It’s user-friendly, allows us to configure different access levels for different users, and it’s cloud-based, so we can retrieve information remotely and easily. The backend configuration of the kiosk was intuitive for the facilities team to use and implement.”

Josef Ong

In Ong’s words: “If you’re looking for a fuss-free visitor management solution that covers GDPR, security, and compliance; Choose Proxyclick.”

DNV introduced the #1 G2-rated visitor management system to create a seamless visitor experience, that does not compromise on security or flexibility. By selecting Proxyclick, they joined thousands of leading companies who have waved goodbye to long, ineffective manual processes. Ready to take your visitor experience to the next level? Get started today.

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