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Imagine you're at the office and it's 5:30 pm. Your car's been cleaned, your clothes pressed, and you even squeezed in a haircut during lunch. You didn't have to eat into your weekend to cross things off your personal to-do list.

And now you're ready to head over to the ping pong tournament organized in your building. 

What if this didn't have to be a figment of your imagination but a reality? 

The fact is, more and more employees are experiencing these kinds of days as a part of their workplace. Because, in the last few years especially, commercial real estate has experienced a shift to make this all possible.

The tenant-centric approach

Renting buildings and offices used to be all about pleasing the C-suite. If the bosses liked the building enough and claimed their corner office, then the deal was pretty much done. This isn't the case anymore.

As Millenials and Gen X enter the job market, workspace rentals have shifted. The happiness of employees and working environment are now taken into account more seriously.  The end-user is now at the center of the attention of real estate owners and investors

Imagine that.

The reason is simple: these new generations have high expectations when it comes to their workplace. In fact, according to a study by National Business Furniture, workspace design impacts far more than just "where you sit."

There are a number of factors to consider:

    • happiness
    • motivation levels
    • quality of work-life, and
    • general well-being.

To attract and keep their workforce, companies are increasingly looking for office buildings that help them meet these expectations.


This new approach focused on employees, sparked the launch of new businesses helping real estate owners to make their buildings more attractive.

Welcome at Work is one of them. This dynamic startup takes the new world of coworking and drops it into classic office buildings.

We have a dynamic reception—a true corporate concierge, and we organize events for our residents. We make life easier for employees in their workplace.

—  Thy Moussa Traore, Senior welcome manager

As part of their focus on giving their tenants the best experience possible, Welcome at Work wanted to tackle the way each company welcomes their visitors. 

front desk

Why Proxyclick? 

With multi-tenant setups in 21 buildings across Paris and its suburbs, Welcome at Work and their Welcome Managers needed a system that met two requirements:

  1. Flexible enough to accommodate every company.
  2. Robust enough that every building could use the same platform. 

Why? Because every tenant company has its own processes when it comes to visitor management and their own reception setup as well.

There are seven companies in my building, and every one of them has a different procedure when it comes to welcoming visitors.

— Thy Moussa Traore, Senior Welcome Manager

With 200+ companies renting space, comprising 25.000 residents in total, this also meant thousands of visitors to be accounted for.

The startup’s Welcome Managers welcome 3000 visitors every month across their locations. So at peak times, the front desks get very busy.

Even a reception manned by 2 people wasn't enough sometimes because of the sheer time required to chase down visitors' hosts. 

So Proxyclick offered the solution to Welcome at Work's challenges.

Global settings, tenants personalization

Our own multi-tenant setup made it possible for Welcome at Work to manage their multiple tenants. Branding and brand recognition is paramount in today's business landscape.

As such, with Proxyclick, each company in a multi-tenant setup has its logo displayed on the welcome screen upon arrival. 


They can also choose their own workflow when a visitor arrives: which questions to ask, which screens will appear, and more. 

Each tenant company maintains its own processes and gives its visitors more personalized experiences. In addition, a global dashboard helps Welcome at Work make data-driven decisions.

For example: By knowing what the peak times are for each property, they're able to staff their reception accordingly.

Efficient and streamlined communication

The Welcome Managers’ job description goes beyond the front desk.

By implementing Proxyclick, they've freed up their time to organize events and activities to deliver a great experience to both tenants and visitors was crucial. 

With Proxyclick, communication between host, reception, and visitor is made easier than ever.  

The Welcome Manager saves tons of time thanks to the direct notifications sent to hosts. And it helps the hosts too. They don't need to be chased around the building. They receive a notification straight to their phone or email, and they’re not interrupted if they’re in a meeting.

— Eliott Bertault, Operations Manager 

As soon as the host receives their notification, they can have to option to choose between a set of replies.


Whether it's to tell reception they're running late, or to send a custom reply. 

It helps us give a true welcoming experience, where we can offer each visitor a beverage of their choice and even the local newspaper. With Proxyclick, we put the human touch back in the center of the front desk.

Thy Moussa Traore

The days of keeping reception, and the visitor, in the dark about how long they'll have to wait are over.

What’s next for Welcome at Work?

With new buildings opening every month, Welcome at Work is in full growth. Every building will be equipped with Proxyclick as an inclusive offering. 

You will be seeing a lot more of Proxyclick in Paris.



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