Badge printing Print from your tablet, using any printer

Print your visitor badges with the printer of your choice


AirPrint printers

Proxyclick Welcome works wonderfully with AirPrint printers such as the Brother QL 720 NW. The set-up is literally just one click to see your first badge coming out of the printer.

Non-AirPrint printers

Non-AirPrint printers can be excellent choices too, especially if you consider printing in color or on thick plastic badges instead of paper.

Only difference with Non-AirPrint printers is that you need a PC between the iPad and the printer that share the same Wi-Fi network. You will need to install Proxyclick proxy on your PC.

See more information in our Help Center.

Black & white badge printers

Most of our clients use black & white printers. These print on paper and fabric, and usually cost between $100-200 (see in our store). The printing quality is perfect for text.

Color badge printers

Color badge printers can only print on plastic badges. They cost $800 or more (see our store).

Printing from an iPad is usually much easier when using an AirPrint-compatible printer. However, if you prefer to use a non-AirPrint printer, please contact us.

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