QR code check-in and sign-out

Speed up and secure the check-in process for your visitors by allowing them to check in with a QR code.


A quick scan of the QR code (print out, email, Wallet or Apple Watch) using the iPad camera and your visitors are already on their way to the meeting - no re-entering of details necessary! 

Pre-register your visitors and they’ll receive a unique one-time pass with the QR code directly in their email invitation. Or provide a permanent pass for your repeat visitors and contractors.

By enforcing pre-registration and QR code check-in, you can ensure that only visitors with a code are able to enter your premises. So you keep your building secure at all times.


Visitors can check out just as easily as they can check-in – a quick scan of the QR code is enough. The QR code can also be printed directly on the badge.