QR code check-in and sign-out system

Speed up and secure the check-in process for visitors and employees with a QR code based check-in system.


A QR code based check-in process means a more efficient and professional experience for your visitors and employees. It leverages existing infrastructure, cuts down waiting times, and enables a touchless check-in process, without sacrificing security.

How a QR code check-in system works

Ahead of the visit, pre-registered visitors receive a single-use QR code in their email invitation. The QR code can also be printed directly on a badge.

You can also provide repeat visitors or contractors with a permanent QR code.



On arrival, visitors scan their QR code (with their phone or a printed version), using the Kiosk’s camera. They do not have to re-enter any details they have previously shared.

Alternatively, Proxyclick also integrates with access control systems and the QR code can be scanned at a turnstile to allow entry.

To check-out, visitors simply scan the QR code the same way as when they arrived.

A touchless QR code check-in process

A QR code based check-in process is the cornerstone of a secure, touchless visitor experience. 

By integrating with your existing access control system, or using an unmanned check-in tablet, pre-approved visitors can access your premises without touching anything.  

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