Slack notifications Never miss a visitor checking in

Quick replies

With our Slack notifications, you're alerted as soon as your visitor has arrived. You no longer have to check your emails, or keep an eye on your phone.

You can stay focused and only leave your desk when it's time to greet your visitor. Which is what truly matters.

Your Slack notification also comes with quick replies, allowing you to quickly reply to the front desk saying you'll be there in 15 minutes, for instance. That will help your reception team take care of your visitor while they're comfortably waiting for you.

How to set up the integration


Being alerted directly into your Slack, you and your visitor are more relaxed and can get working faster. 

A noticeable advantage of those notifications is that they'll follow you wherever you're already using Slack. That can be on your desktop, phone or even on your watch!


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