COVID temperature screening Check people’s temperature before granting access

Protect your people by ensuring no one with a temperature can check-in at your locations, while respecting data privacy.

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Temperature Screen

How Temperature scanning works


Don’t put your people at risk

Keep out employees and visitors who have a temperature.

Identify anyone with a fever before they get past your front desk, and don’t let them in.


A quick and touchless flow

Comply with best practice health and safety procedures,  and eliminate the need to touch any surfaces.

The temperature scanner activates automatically when approached, and does not need any physical interaction to scan or check-in employees and visitors.


Unmanned and easy to install

Add a fully-automated layer of safety without the need for additional staff or training. 

It's easy to set up and can be installed in minutes.


Respect data privacy

Information on an individual’s temperature is highly sensitive and not stored by Proxyclick. 

Specified users can see if someone did not access a location, but not the reason why. For example, an "Expected visitor" who does not show up will still be marked as "Expected", even if they are refused access due to having a high temperature. 


Combine with COVID-19 features

Use temperature scanning with health screening questionnaires, and touchless flows to provide an even safer return to the workplace. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is Temperature scanning GDPR-compliant?

Yes. The feature does not store data related to an individual's temperature. Learn more about Proxyclick and GDPR.
Please note it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the activation of Proxyclick features abides by local legislation at each location. 

Does it require separate hardware?

Yes. In order to use this feature, you will need a temperature scanner. Use the form below to speak to our experts, and discuss your options. 

What are some other benefits?

In addition to keeping out people with a high temperature and minimizing the risk of infection, a temperature scanner is highly visible and helps improve confidence in returning to the workplace. It is also unmanned, meaning no one needs to be in close contact with anyone who has not yet had their temperature taken. 


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