Give your visitors secure access to your Wi-Fi network


Visitors opt-in for secure access to your network

During their check-in, a friendly prompt allows visitors to securely access your network for the duration of their visit.

phone number

A simple phone number or email is all you need

Visitors provide their number or email to receive their Wi-Fi code. You can always customize the personal code messaging.


Personal access codes are sent via text or email

In a matter of seconds, your visitor receives their code to log into your guest network. Their access lasts for the duration of their visit.

All systems that support the RADIUS protocol can be integrated,
including the following:





Open up your Wi-Fi as easily as sending a text

Convenience shouldn't come at the expense of your front desk's valuable time. Everything is automated and the process is seamless for your visitors.


Issue temporary passwords for secure access to your network

Your visitors' access should only last as long as their visit. Anything more would compromise your network safety. That's why we issue temporary and trackable passwords.


Allow visitors to stay connected with their colleagues

Make sure your visitors' time at your offices does not get in the way of their work, by allowing them to keep their conversations going with their colleagues.

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