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Until 2015, the Safe Harbour Privacy Principles were the legal basis for personal data pertaining to European citizens handled by US companies. They ensured such data would not fall under the disclosing agreements that bind US companies. Deemed invalid by the European Court of Justice (CJEU), those principles were replaced by the Privacy Shield which was also recently invalidated by the CJEU.

Due to the strict approach of the CJEU to ensure the protection of fundamental rights of individuals in the EEA, European companies are increasingly concerned of their data's whereabouts. As privacy plays a bigger rule in the global landscape, customers want to be assured their data always stay in safe hands.

Proxyclick is a European company taking pride in hosting its customers' data on European soil. Learn more below on what that entails exactly.

What you need to know

Security Measures

We take security seriously, and have implemented failsafes to make sure your data is never compromised. 
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Privacy Statement

Proxyclick is used by companies of FTSE, CAC 40, DAX, BEL 20, AEX... and is subject to regular Data Privacy screenings. 
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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions have been designed with the GDPR in mind, together with a leading European law firm. 
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Information Security

We believe Information Security is an ongoing effort. Data Privacy impact is included in our product development process.

Custom Terms & Conditions

If requested, we offer our Enterprise plan customers dedicated Data Privacy Agreements.

Data stored in Europe by default

All our infrastructure is built in Europe, so your sensitive data stays where you are.

Penetration testing

Proxyclick is proactively submitted to penetration testing.

Data Privacy Agreement

Proxyclick signed Data Privacy Agreements with its subprocessors.

SOC2 Certification

Proxyclick became SOC2 compliant as of March 2018. This certification is important to us as a testimonial of our ongoing investment in data security and privacy.